The Ultimate Guide To Standing Out On Black Friday

With so many businesses taking part in Black Friday, the competition is higher than it ever has been, especially with many retailers being fully back open this year. Plus, many of them will be looking at this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and indeed the whole of the November/December period a way to make up for both lost revenues and also possibly move on old stock. So, if you want to be successful, then you’ll need to stand out from the most crowded of crowds.

It’s not always easy to think outside of the box, so luckily for you, iocea have got a team of creative marketing geniuses who’ve got it covered for you. In this article, we’ll guide you through our top tips to breaking boundaries this Black Friday.

So, do we have your attention? Great, let’s begin...

Firstly, This Is Why You’d Be Bonkers To Miss Out On Black Friday

According to Statista, us Brits spend an average of £346 on Black Friday deals, so it’s no wonder that so many businesses are trying to cash in on the hype. The UK spends more than other European countries when it comes to Black Friday, so its a huge opportunity.

If you're a business owner, then this is the perfect time to focus your marketing efforts, engage with your audience, and get the most you can out of this Black Friday. Your customers win by getting deals on their favourite products, and you win by reaping the rewards of higher engagement, increased brand awareness, and most importantly, more sales!

Check out this short clip below, to learn more about Black Friday…

Starting With The Basics, You Need To Cover All Communications

When it comes to your Black Friday sale, you will want everybody to know about it. There will be a lot of noise in the market, so it’s crucial that you shout the loudest and at the right time! Below, we’ve outlined the key areas that you’re going to need to get covered in order to call your Black Friday buyers to action. 

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a simple and effective way to really reach your customers, which can be done in a number of ways. One of these is by posting print materials through their door. As postal communication becomes less common, your flyer is likely to stand out more and draw your customer’s attention. If your business is online, be sure to include a QR code on the leaflet, which a customer can scan to take them straight to the desired web page! If you’re unsure on how to create a QR code, then we’ve got a handy guide here.

Email Marketing and SMS

Another method is Email Marketing, which is an option that is highly recommended by our Lincoln marketing specialists. You may think that email marketing is a thing of the past, but it’s still as relevant today as it’s ever been. With email marketing campaigns you can deliver what you want, straight to your customers inbox. Our bespoke emailing platform – Ioceamailer, gives you the opportunity to craft the perfect message and deliver it at a time that suits you and your customers.

Or, for direct access into your audiences mobile phones, you could use SMS Marketing. This sends communications direct to your customers, prompting them to pick up their phones and see what you’ve got to offer!

Personal Selling Or Outreach (If It's Right For Your Business)

Outreach involves talking to people at events, in the streets, giving away products to people. This presents you with an opportunity. Not only to sell your product and market your ideas, but also to build genuine connections with real people, and drive an interest in what you do. However upsetting it may be having 9 people ignore you, that 1 person who stops, who listens, who takes your business card or a free product sample home, will reward you for all your time and effort. 

But, decide if this is right for your business. We've all been pestered by someone trying to sell us something when we're in a rush to get somewhere. So, don't be one of those pushy people. Play it carefully... 

Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor)

Different media platforms are a great way to reach a larger audience. These could be ads in the breaks of a prime time TV channel, a full page spread in a niche magazine or a short broadcast on your local radio station. It could also be outdoor ads on billboards, busses, phone boxes or banners. physical print ads, that are dotted around your town or city.

But remember, you want your ads to reach your target audience - People who would actually be interested in purchasing from your business. There is no point in advertising a luxury brand, in a low-income area. Likewise, you wouldn't promote a baby accessories brand in a teenage magazine, nor would you run an ad for a local sandwich shop, on primetime TV. Be smart with your chosen marketing methods and targeting! It's great to reach lots of people, but ask yourself, are these the right people?

Underground advertisement

Don’t Forget Digital Marketing…

As well as the more traditional methods of marketing, it’s important to stay ahead of the times by utilising digital platforms. You should consider the following:

  • Social Media: Love it hate it, social media is part of most people's lives. That’s why it’s important to capitalise on it. Get your business on social media, build a brand image, find your companies identity and foster a community of like minded individuals that are all interested in your product and what you have to offer. This is a brilliant way to cultivate interest in your company naturally and grow over time.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation involves improving your visibility in search results. Ultimately, the higher you rank, the more traffic and sales you receive. Ensure that you are optimising for relevant keywords across your site, including ‘Best Black Friday Offers’ or ‘Trainers On Sale’ if you are a footwear retailer. However, SEO isn’t a quick fix, and needs to be worked on over an ongoing period of time.
  • Google Ads: Pay Per Click Ads are a great way to get your business noticed by the exact people that you want to notice you. You have a variety of options to help you target your ads efficiently, and you only spend money when they work. This way, you can successfully manage your advertising online, and in a controlled and relatively simple way.
If you need help with digital marketing, then we're the best people for the job. Click here for more information about our services!

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After all of the effort that you've put into your Black Friday 2021 marketing, it'd be a shame to let it go to waste, wouldn't it? For tips on our to retain customers from Black Friday, click here!