We write wallet-opening words and create compelling content

Traditional marketing TELLS customers how good you are, whereas content marketing SHOWS customers how good you are.

Copywriting and content marketing, whilst different, often work hand in hand. At iocea eCommerce agency, we have an exceptional team who don’t just write engaging copy, but who accompany it with outstanding visuals.

See more about our copywriting services and content marketing services below or get in touch with iocea to discuss these further. 

Copywriting in Lincoln

Lincoln Copywriting Services

Promoting your business is more than just pushing a sale, it is about understanding the customer and allowing them to feel connected to your business. Through storytelling, we can capture and engage your audience by explaining how your products and services would be beneficial to them. Afterall, a business shouldn't sell a bed, they should sell a good night's sleep!

Our copywriting services include writing copy for your website, such as page text or product descriptions that entice customers to complete a purchase. We also offer copywriting for blogs, social media copywriting, eCommerce copywriting, as well as long and short copy for any online or print requirements that you have.

In addition to ensuring that your copy is attractive, our expert copywriters are experienced in writing copy for SEO. This involves researching and including necessary keywords within your websites meta data to ultimately improve your organic search position, offering you better visibility to customers.

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Content Marketing Support

With our Lincoln content marketing services, we go beyond putting pen to paper, we bring ideas to life! Putting together a team of experienced marketers, innovative content creators and design specialists, is a recipe for ultimate content marketing success. Iocea provide full-service solutions, meaning that your business benefits from the input and ideas of a variety of eCommerce experts, rather than one single specialism. 

Our content marketing services include creating promotional content, such as online or print advertisments, and the creation of visual content for your social media channels and website. Iocea's content creation services include Instagram posts, LinkedIn guides, TikTok videos and Infographics, just to name a few.

Below, we've linked to a few examples of our work for you to see for yourselves: