“Email Is Dead!!!” (Here We Go Again…)

by Jon Lawton

On December 3rd 2004 a fake obituary for Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose circulated around Hollywood saying that the singer had died. The website it was published on was a fake impersonation of the official MSNBC news website, but nevertheless, many people were taken in by the story. Including many red-faced reporters who would rather have hurriedly printed the juicy headline that the facts. The story was exposed by none other than Axl Rose himself who in very good spirits tweeted;

Axl Rose Tweet

And Axl hasn’t been the only famous face to have had their death prematurely announced by salacious headline grabbers. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bob Dylan, Drake, Cher,….they’ve all suffered similar treatment.

Something else that is seemingly always having to defend its existence is Email Marketing. How many times have we read again and again over the past decade that “Email Marketing Is Dead” in articles that usually have been written by alternative communication tools looking to steal its crown. As this article by PC Mag says Email Marketing "remains at the core of most digital-marketing tool suites, even though it's been around for almost as long as email itself. But despite its age, the channel has kept up with the times and remains a top way to reach your customers.” Especially if you are a small to medium sized enterprise who is not quite ready to make the leap into over advanced concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI)-powered segmentation and omnichannel marketing automation, email is a superb tool.

Let's look at the data...

Interesting email marketing statistics
Email marketing statistics

Quick email marketing facts:

  • Emails under 200 words long are more likely to be engaged with
  • 14.8% of emails go missing or are caught by spam filters
  • Abandoned cart emails have 3x greater conversion rate than automated emails

Some top tips for your next email marketing campaign:

  • Personalise your subject lines
  • Send your email at the time that most people by your products
  • Use clear CTAs right at the beginning of your email
  • Write for mobile first - keep it short!

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