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Cshop is a fantastic, feature-rich alternative to Shopify. We provide much more than just a shopping cart, we plan design and develop bespoke eCommerce websites with your objectives and audiences in mind. Your brand image and customer base are considered at every step of the process, resulting in an eCommerce solution that seamlessly drives your business forward! Every layer of the journey is manufactured to drive conversions and retention rates, enabling you to upscale growth. We offer a full end-to-end solution, from concept to creation, and we'll support you throughout.

Complement Cshop with our leading eCommerce products, Olive order management and Konvert exit-intent technology, designed to improve efficiency and drive conversions.

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Escalate your business growth with Cshop, our very own eCommerce platform

Our Cshop platform has continually evolved since 2000, to improve all elements of online retail. In this time, we have delivered leading eCommerce solutions to businesses of various sizes and sectors, helping them to upscale their operations and significantly boost sales revenue potential. We work closely with customers to deliver feature rich products that maximise multi-channel sales by implementing best of breed technology, along with our own in house developments. You too can benefit from the new updates and features that are added to Cshop daily!

The easy-to-manage eCommerce platform allows you to add and update products without hassle, and categorise these accordingly. With Cshop, you can set up promotions and media codes at the click of a button, and ensure that your site is fully optimised for search by taking advantage of our built-in SEO tools.

Olive order management can be integrated to enable effective organisation of customer orders and stock management. We're also able to integrate shipping platforms, third-party selling channels and data analysis software, as well as various payment providers. Iocea have partnered with Mollie, Klarna, Openpay and Worldpay, so that you can offer customers a convenient checkout experience!

Integrate Olive - Our Outstanding Order Management System

Efficient order management is essential for any business, especially when you're looking to upscale your operations. Poor order management can have a detrimental impact on your business and can cause incorrect inventory, order blunders and loss of potential sales due to stock errors. The cost of reversing these errors may be significant, you may end up with capital tied up in stock, and even worse, you could lose a lifelong customer! Brand reputation and customer loyalty are so important, and these can be so easily sacrificed by failing to invest in a reliable order management system.

Olive is iocea's Order Management Software, which provides efficient solutions by controlling all of your stock and integrating it with many eCommerce platforms. The order management system enables you to enter the stock you wish to sell, publish that data to your sales channels without the need for multiple entries. It then offers you the opportunity to capture all of your orders in one simple place – regardless of channel. 

And, unlike other OMS providers, iocea has a 24/7 support desk managed by a team of actual people (no automated robots here) who are on hand to help you whenever you need us, should you need us.

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Konvert visitors into customers with our Exit Intent Technology

So much time, money and effort goes into getting a visitor to your site - Whether that be the result of continued SEO efforts, costly PPC campaigns, exciting email marketing, social media storms, or just by sheer luck! Therefore, it is paramount to make the most of the opportunity to create a customer, by doing all that you can to encourage a conversion on your website. Konvert is our Exit Intent Technology, which is designed to do exactly that, by increasing eCommerce conversion rate.

Konvert works by monitoring mouse movements of website visitors and detects when they are likely to leave the website without converting. This triggers a bespoke pop-up to display at exactly the right time, with messaging which entices the potential customer to make a conversion. A conversion may be a email sign-up, account set-up, purchase or PDF download. Whatever you class as a target conversion, we'll custom create a pop-up tailored to your goals!

For example, a local cinema may wish to display a pop-up with an email sign-up form and the messaging 'Be the first to know about what's on show', when a visitor is intending to leave the site. Konvert covers your back by aiming to capture a customer at a crucial moment, before they're gone for good.

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WCF have been partnering with iocea for over 12 years initially with our traditional mail order shopping brands. As a testament to our relationship we have recently moved some of our fuels, pet and equestrian and campsite websites to iocea.  

The cshop platform is adaptable to our diverse business needs but allows for consistent reporting of our business KPI's regardless of business activity. The team work with us to find solutions to improve efficiency of our operations as well as our visibility online. 

Tracey Cannon, General Manager

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Outstanding customer service, telling everyone who will listen how professional and friendly you are! Thank you for all your support.

Michael Ginty, Managing Director

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Iocea have been our web provider since 2007. As a web based business the web provider we use needs to be an extension of our business itself, we have to be able to get the exact end result we are after and be able to work closely with them, iocea provide this perfectly.

It is the complete service, competitive pricing and knowledgeable team that benchmarks this company, I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Mark Graffin, Managing Director