Manage productivity with Microsoft 365

We're all about efficiency and innovation, which is why we've partnered up with Microsoft Office 365 to provide top class productivity solutions for your business. Iocea have been using Microsoft Office for over a decade, and it's played a significant part in keeping our team connected when working remotely, as well as allowing us to better manage our everyday tasks, communications, schedules and output. We wholeheartedly swear by Microsoft, and we encourage you to do so too.

The Microsoft Office 365 cloud includes apps, intelligent cloud services and advanced security products to help drive your business forward. Whether that's by enabling you to chat with customers from across the globe, support your staff remotely, improve organisation internally, speed up operations or boost quality of work, Microsoft Office 365 has got you covered.

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Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

  • Use any device, anywhere - Microsoft Office 365 can be used on your PC, Mac, tablet or phone. So, whether you're working on a train, in the office or from a beach in the Bahamas, you can still operate just as well.
  • Stay safe, supported and up to date - Sleep better at night knowing that your data is protected by Microsoft's security systems.
  • Meet your needs - There are a range of different packages on offer, so that you can find the right fit for your requirements and the scale of your business.
  • Simplified IT management - All Microsoft services can be managed together and billed as one to keep things uncomplicated.
  • Work smarter - Microsoft Office 365 includes intelligent software to simplify mundane tasks, speed up the production of materials such as presentations and reports, help you manage data better and save you time with organisation.

What's included with Microsoft Office 365? 

Different packages contain levels of access, but here are the core apps offered by Microsoft Office 365:

  • Microsoft Word: An intelligent word processing program with a wide range of features and templates to help you create beautiful documents.
  • Microsoft Excel: Organise data efficiently and perform in-depth analysis with this spreadsheet application.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Create powerful presentations with this easy-to-use slide show program. Impress the board with a sophisticated presentation styled with just a few taps of a button.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Keep communications clear, concise and well managed with this expert emailing platform. You can share files from your laptop or phone!
  • Microsoft OneNote: Organise your notes from anywhere in the world, on-the go or at your desk! And, with OneNote, you can collaborate with colleagues without any confusion.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Store all of your files in one place and never worry about losing work should anything happen to your device. It's all saved here!
  • Microsoft Teams: Help your team to stay organised and improve internal communications with this collaboration app. Chat, call, attend video meetings and share files!

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Buy Office 365 from iocea and gain access to expert support

Interested in purchasing Microsoft 365 for your business? Smart choice.

As a Silver Microsoft partner (only achieved by 5% of agencies), we offer a wide range of Microsoft products and packages to purchase directly with us, including:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Each package offers a variety of benefits and includes different levels of access, apps and capabilities. Click here to find out what is included in each of the different packages or give us a call on 01522 405769. Alternatively, drop us a message using our contact form and we'll talk to you shortly!