professional cloud hosting services

The success of your website relies fully on the web hosting supporting it. Experience increased efficiency and performance with our business class cloud hosting. We offer fully scalable, load balanced and optimised solutions that can adapt to suit your traffic requirements so at peak times you still provide the best to your customers.

Because our hosting is cloud based, unlike conventional web hosting, your website isn’t reliant on a single physical server. This means we can offer greater reliability over non-cloud based hosting solutions because we can pull resources from a larger infrastructure. Scaling your solution up or down can be done almost instantly and with our 24 hour support service we are always on hand to make any improvements you require.

Our in-house team manages all of our services ensuring they are fully up to date and working efficiently. With server monitoring we can keep track on traffic to your site and the pressure it is being put under to give you an excellent service tailored to your business requirements.

The cloud based infrastructure allows us to increase the resources available to your website in real time. This means should your website suddenly receive a spike traffic we can create extra load balanced instances of your website quickly to mitigate any site responsiveness issues.

With conventional web hosting you would need to wait for an extra server to be created and everything copied across to that machine before it could be used to mitigate the spike. The likelihood is by the time the new server had been set up the spike would be over and you’d be left paying for an extra server that you would rarely need. We only scale up when necessary and when the extra resource is no longer needed we scale down, saving you money while still giving your customers the best user experience possible.

Alternatively if your site traffic is not so high, we offer a dedicated hosting service or shared server hosting with a more budget-conscious price. Our conventional servers are still fully managed in-house by our technical team and will be built to meet your sites requirements into terms of memory and processing power. With our numerous hosting facilities we provide a range of options to suit various types of ecommerce and static websites. To discuss hosting with IOCEA contact us on 01522 706672 or email

Professional Cloud Hosting Services Avialable From IOCEA

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