blog integrations

IOCEA provide the ability to host a blog on the web site. Not only does integrating your blog provide visitor benefits but SEO benefits too. All backlinks to blog posts will contribute directly to your website’s overall SEO strength because those backlinks are pointing to your main domain. Thus helping ranking within the search engines.

Having more content pages on your site will also help the entire site rank better due to the greater amount of content rich pages. IOCEA will be able to offer advice on best practices for blog posts.

Our digital marketing services allow blog content to be a part of your digital marketing strategy that can either be managed by IOCEA or yourselves. You will be provided full access to add, edit, and delete posts as well as designing the blog layout to suit your branding. Alternatively with expertise in blog design and layout IOCEA can complete this service for you.

To discuss adding a blog to your site contact us on 01522 706672 or complete our contact form here.

Blog Integrations Available From IOCEA

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