social media marketing

Social media marketing describes the use of online communities, blogs and social networks to promote your business online. Over the past 10 years social media has grown at a staggering rate with many using it on a daily basis, checking on latest posts and statuses hourly. It is extremely accessible and allows marketing messages to be reached to a vast audience extremely quickly. With sharing and re-tweeting it means your marketing messages are not only reaching those who directly follow you, but to connections of your audience too.

Social media is another channel to explore in order to promote, retain and encourage your customers back to the site. It is important to monitor sales through social channels as well as monitoring your competitors. Not only can it be used to promote your brand but paid advertising can assist your marketing strategy to target a specific audience.

Social Media can be very daunting for any business. Do the right thing, present the correct content at the right time and it can light up your analytics. Do the wrong thing and, well… let’s not go there! We’re on hand to offer expert advice to work with your team, or as your outsourced team, on areas such as agreed tone, content and optimising delivery times. Beyond the generic content, we can also co-ordinate your Social Media advertising campaigns, advising on the planning, the implementation and the reporting.

Done correctly, social media can increased brand recognition and loyalty. Increase conversion rates and provide a richer customer experience as well as increasing inbound traffic. With knowledge of a range of social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we can develop strategies to increase your online presence.

Working alongside your other online marketing campaigns, social media can be used to promote these campaigns and get people talking about your brand. To discuss your social media strategy, contact us at or call 01522 706672.

Social Media Marketing Available From IOCEA

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