pay per click (ppc)

With competition with organic rankings become harder and harder, another marketing avenue to explore is PPC advertising. PPC offers you a chance to reach your target audience above the organic listings. However without a professionally managed solution it can be expensive and not cost effective.

With paid advertising on Google and Bing, IOCEA can work with you to create and develop paid advertising campaigns. With extensive knowledge in this field across a range of industry sectors we can create various campaigns suited to your business requirements. Whether it is shopping, retargeting, display or all, we can create you leads, business enquires and sales. Overall your brand awareness is increased as well as your overall website traffic.

Google AdWords can be used to bring new customers to your site with the proposition to grow online sales. Having effective adverts displaying against the correct searches at relevant times of the day can help to boost your revenue.

Google AdWords is a cost effective way of bringing customers to your site because you can control the budget day-by-day setting maximum outlays. Campaigns are fully measureable and by analysing data and sales from the campaigns we can monitor the profitability of your campaigns and make adjustments when needed.

IOCEA will be able to set up and manage your Google AdWords and or Bing Ad campaigns, agreeing between us relevant strategies, budgets and targets. To find out more about our marketing services, contact us on 01522 706672 or email to talk to our experts.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Available From IOCEA

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