google analytics & reporting

The effort of all marketing campaigns can only be truly measured with the use of good data statistics and understanding how these have had an effect on your sales and conversions. The data can be used to improve or extend future campaigns to ensure you are getting the best return for your efforts.

Google Analytics is a vital tool for any online site. It provides information on your users, sales, traffic and much, much more. It has been proven to be the best tool to measure your website performance and IOCEA have extensive knowledge on how to take this data and analyse it to help you get the most from our strategies.

Google Analytics is extensive and to some may be overwhelming. It can provide much more information than one it may first seem and therefore we analyse all of our customers’ sites to offer advice and propose new ideas to enhance their customer’s experience. We can also work with you to help your track important data as well build custom reports to improve your understanding and knowledge.

With our marketing packages we can help you understand the depth that your Google Analytic data can provide, but then how it can be used to develop your digital marketing strategy. Contact us on 01522 706672 to find out more, or email

Google Analytics & Reporting Available From IOCEA

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