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Email Marketing can form a vital element of your Digital Marketing strategy, typically performing as your most profitable referral channel. It allows you to speak directly to your customers and as it’s completely measurable, the return on your investment is wholly quantifiable. You can either use our simple-to-use drag and drop Cshop Mailer solution yourselves - whether you are a Cshop client or not - or work in partnership with our Marketing team who can write, design and send your campaign and report on performance. Capturing email addresses for your database has never been easier now, thanks to our new Konvert tool that can be programmed to ask for email addresses of non-converting traffic. Clients using Konvert are reporting HUGE increases in the size of the email lists, which in turn is increasing their revenues from email.

Email marketing is the sending of a commercial email in order to build customer loyalty, trust in your products and company and to generate sales. In most instances, email marketing is targeted to those customers who have shown interest in your business. Whether this is from previous purchases of products or services, or they may have directly signed up to receive your email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies and when done correctly can build loyal customers and increase revenue.

With thousands of marketing messages being put in front of consumers on a daily basis, it is more crucial than ever to make sure your marketing efforts stand out from the crowd. With targeted emails, behavioural emails, customer journey and more general promotional email marketing, IOCEA can design, create and integrate your site to your email marketing to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through our in house Cshopmailer platform. Cshopmailer allows you to design, create and send html emails that are fully optimised for all devices. With full reporting and analytics you can measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Integrating your ecommerce site to Cshopmailer allows you to automatically sync your marketing database with your customer database. By sending not only marketing emails but transactional emails too we can create an automated customer journey, marketing to them at different stages of their shopping process. Whether it is abandoned basket, we miss you or review your purchase, we can help you devise a full email marketing strategy to help continue growth, turning emails into more business.

To improve revenue from email marketing contact us at or on 01522 706672.

Email Marketing Services Available From IOCEA

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