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We completely understand that in today’s rapidly changing world you need a complex set of skills to deliver your marketing campaigns. That’s why we’re happy to either seamlessly work as an extension of your own team and deliver outstanding results, or to act as your Marketing Department as a cost efficient outsourced team.

digital marketing

Reach Your Target Audience Through a Range of Channels

Our digital marketing services offer you strategies for search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media and more. Our focus is on increasing conversion rates through user engagement and a great user experience.

To discuss any aspect of Digital Marketing and how we can help you generate more revenue from your channels, speak to us today. Either call us on 01522 706672 or email us at

email marketing

Energise Your Database Life Never Before!

With CShopmailer, design and send your email campaigns as a vital part for your digital marketing strategy. As one of the most profitable referal channels, promote offers, news as well as personalised targeted campaigns to your audience.

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marketing email


Helping You To Reach The Widest Possible Audience.

Our team can optimise the performance of your sites to enable it to both look good to the consumer, but also communicate more effectively with search engines and be tailored to meet their ever changing, every challenging requirements.

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marketing seo

social media marketing

The Knowledge You Need To Embrace Social Media

We are on hand to offer expert advice to work with your team, or as your outsourced team, on areas such as agreed tone, content and optimising delivery times for your social media campaigns. We will Co-ordinate your Social Media advertising campaigns, advising on the planning, the implementation and the reporting.

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social media marketing

affiliate marketing

A Whole New Audience For Your Products

The world of Affiliate Marketing energises your website and enables your stock to be presented and sold to an audience far beyond the traffic that visits your URL.

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affiliate marketing

Google Analytics & reporting

Understand Your Audience and Their Behaviour

The effort of all marketing campaigns can only be truly measured with the use of good data statistics and understanding how these have had an effect on your sales and conversions. The data can be used to improve or extend future campaigns to ensure you are getting the best return for your efforts.

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Google Analytics

pay per click (PPC)

Reach your Target Audience Almost Immediately

With competition with organic rankings become harder and harder, another marketing avenue to explore is PPC advertising. PPC offers you a chance to reach your target audience above the organic listings. However without a professionally managed solution it can be expensive and not cost effective.

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pay per click

strategy & support

Offering Peace of Mind with Dedicated Support

Our in-house team is always there to provide support, answer questions and provide guidance whenever our customers need it. Our dedicated team is ready to offer help whenever it is required. We aim to deal with all support enquiries within the same working day with immediate enquires dealt with instantly. The dedication of our team means that service levels are adhered to and our targets are always met.

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strategy and support

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