Who are Ordo and What Do They Do?

Founded in 2018, Ordo are a cloud based open banking payments platform that provide businesses of any size, low cost and secure e-commerce, point of sale, and invoice payments directly from their customer’s bank accounts into your businesses. Ordo streamlines the process and complexity of setting up and initiating open banking payments and is compatible with over 98% of UK consumers and small businesses bank accounts. This gives them huge versatility and  your business a streamlined process making it easier for your customers.

With all of this in mind, Ordo’s payment platform is able to seamlessly manage and coordinate all the complex interactions between your customers, your business, and both your bank accounts so that you can get paid effortlessly. 

How Ordo can benefit you. 

If Ordo doesn’t already sound great, then we’ve got some more things for you to consider. As we mentioned earlier, Ordo is integrated with every bank offering this direct account to account payment method, as opposed to taking a card payment which is expensive for your business and takes multiple days to actually land in your account.  It’s also backed by a number of large institutions that see the benefits it can bring to the table like Nationwide Building Society. Ordo’s platform gives a low cost and easy to use solution for a better customer experience.   

Ordo also features an impressive fixed fee per payment, that will never go above 20p, no matter the payment amount. This is less than PayPal, Stripe, and other mainstream competitors. This means you can save more money improving the quality of life for your business and customers. Thanks to Ordo’s platform, it also reduces the need for admin so it can free up you or your staff to tackle other problems, further advancing your business.  

If you’re unsure about other areas that Ordo can help you with, we suggest visiting the link here. Here you’ll find a wide range of solutions that Ordo can bring to your business, whether it is refunds and payments, bills and invoices, or e-commerce payments, Ordo can help. 

Will Ordo work for your business? 

With all the great benefits Ordo brings to your business, it’s hard to find reasons to not implement their platform within your company. Cheaper payment transaction fees, less admin, better customer experience, improved efficiency for your business and customers. What’s not to love? At Iocea we’ve teamed up with Ordo to help your business run smoother, which is why we’re now able to integrate their platform into your business. Want to learn more? Click here to get in touch with us today and find out how we can work together to reach your business goals.