What Are Paid Facebook Ads?

by Lucy Robinson

If you're not familiar with Facebook PPC ads and you're interested, then you have come to the right place!

Our Lincolnshire social media marketing experts from iocea are here to help answer all of the questions that you might have, in one simple, easy-to-read article!

In this article, we will answer the following questions:

  • What are Facebook PPC ads?
  • Why should I use Facebook PPC ads? What are the benefits?
  • How can I set up Facebook PPC ads?
  • What are some top tips for creating effective Facebook PPC ads?
  • Where can I find support with Facebook PPC ads?

So, let's make a start...

What are Facebook PPC ads?

facebook ppc ads

PPC stands for 'Pay Per Click' which is exactly what it says on the tin! You pay each time your ad is clicked on, or in some cases viewed, depending which option you choose when setting up your ads.

If you use Facebook, then you will be familiar with these ads popping up as you scroll down your newsfeed, at the side of your page and sometimes in Messenger. Facebook PPC ads can also be shown on Instagram feeds.

Advertisers will set up an ad, select their audience, add visuals and copy, set their budget and just like that, their ads are up and running!

Social media offers huge advertising potential, as you are able to reach large audiences, specific to your business.

What are the benefits of using Facebook PPC ads?

benefits of using facebook ppc ads

There are so many benefits that your business can gain from using Facebook PPC ads! Below, we have listed some of the top advantages of using these:

  • Detailed targeting options allow you to reach a specific audience without wasting budget
  • Easy-to-understand, robust analytics allow you to effectively measure the performance of your campaigns and identify things that worked, and things that didn't
  • Allows you to reach a much wider audience than you would be able to reach with organic posts
  • You can use re-targeting ads to re-market to audiences that have already shown an interest in your business, giving them the nudge they need to return and make a conversion
  • So simple to use! There is no nonsense involved

How can I set up Facebook PPC ads?

To set up Facebook ads, you will need to have an existing business page. So, if you haven't yet set up a page, then you must do so first.

  1. Choose an objective: What are you hoping to achieve from your advertisements? Choose from options such as increased brand awareness, higher traffic, generating leads and increasing store visits.
  2. Select an audience: Who do you want to see your advertisements? You can select all sorts of different audiences, setting both demographics (i.e. location, age, gender) and psychographics/interests (i.e. enjoys football, is engaged).
  3. Choose an appropriate ad placement: Where do you want your ads to be seen? For example, would you like these to be shown on Instagram, via inbox, at the side of the users screen or on a users newsfeed?
  4. Set your budget: How much do you want to spend? You can set a budget per day, per week and more, to ensure that you don't spend any more than you were wanting to spend.
  5. Pick a format: How do you want your ad to be shown? Choose from single image options, as well as video and slideshow options.
  6. Measure your performance: How well are your ads doing? Once your ads are set up, track performance in Ads Manager. In here, you can also edit your ads depending on how well it is performing. For example, perhaps a different image works better, so change this or widen your target area!

What are some top tips for creating effective Facebook PPC ads?

Maximise your chances of running successful PPC advertisements, by putting in extra effort to optimise your ads. Below are 5 of our top tips for creating effective PPC ads:

  • Use video! Your ad is likely to be much more memorable if it stands out from other posts or ads on a user's newsfeed. So, using a moving video, this has a better chance of catching the audience's attention.
  • Use retargeting ads! Whilst it is important to increase awareness of your brand by targeting new audiences, it is crucial to target audiences that are already interested. For example, a user may have looked at a product on your website, before changing their mind or becoming distracted, consequently preventing them from making a purchase. By sending out a subtle reminder of your products, this might give users the nudge that they need to return and complete the purchase.
  • Research your target market! Ensure you know exactly which audiences to target, before you chance it. There is nothing worse than wasting budget on an irrelevant audience! For example, if you are selling ladies' handbags in Lincoln, would you include men, younger age groups and people living in London? Precision targeting is key.
  • Keep it simple! If a user is just scrolling down their newsfeed whilst they watch TV, as they take their morning commute or sit down for a quick break, then chances are that they do not have the time or patience to read vast amount of text. So, keep your ad copy simple and focus on the most important points, for example, having the word 'SALE' in bold capital letters at the top of the ad.
  • Include a call to action! If you forget to include a CTA, then you might just have wasted an ad. It sounds dramatic, but a call-to-action is so important in advertising. Afterall, you want to encourage your audience to do something, such as visit your website, sign up to your newsletter or buy a product.

Where can I find support with Facebook PPC ads?

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