What Are Next Gen Images?

You've heard of JPEG and PNG, but what about WebP, JPEG XR and JPEG 2000? 

What are these image files that we all keep hearing about but haven't really experienced yet?

In this article, experts from iocea (website design company Lincoln) will briefly talk you through the basics of next generation images.


What are next-gen images?

Next-gen images are image formats with superior compression and quality characteristics. They take up less data, whilst maintaining high quality.

There are 3 main types of next-gen images, these are:

- JPEG 2000


- WebP

Below, we will talk you through the basics of each of these!

JPEG 2000

JPEG 2000 is a file that can preserve vast amounts of metadata information. 


- Metadata preservation 

- Minimal loss in visual quality

 - Lossless, data isn't lost from the image when compressed 

- Supported on Safari


The JPEG XR is almost a cross between the original JPEG file and the JPEG 1000. 

It cannot store as much image data, but is more advanced and practical than the original JPEG file. It can support bit depths of 16 or greater and has good compression.


WebP provides superior and lossy compression for images and are 26% smaller in size compared to JPEGs. 


 - Supports the alpha channel 

- Good compression and size 

- Supported in Chrome. Firefox, Edge and the Opera browser

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