Website Testing: Why Testing Is Crucial

by Emma James

We all want a website that performs to the best of its ability. You can have skilled developers and an eye catching design, but if the site is not thoroughly tested, your customers could encounter problems that could have easily been fixed before being seen. 

In this article, experts from iocea website development agency Lincoln will talk you through 3 ways of testing your website and give you some advice about what you should look out for.

Website Testing

Browser Specific Testing

Sites can often break when using different browsers. For example, you may choose a font that looks exactly how you want it in Internet Explorer, but Google Chrome renders it differently. Other common browser specific issues are spacing, broken layouts, alignment problems and one that has tripped me up in the past – issues with check boxes. To combat this, I run end to end tests in each of the main browsers before a go live, which tends to bring up any bugs that were missed in previous testing.

Device Testing

As most of our sites are responsive, I have to include device testing as part of my test plans. To be as accurate as possible, I try to use as many real devices as I can. This includes my iPad and Samsung S5, and the rest of the team have iPhones which we use to test. We also have software which simulates other devices and operating systems. We don’t have Macs in the office so I use this software to test on a Mac. Chrome toolbar is incredibly useful as it emulates many different phones and tablets. I use as many tools as I can in my testing. Your customers won’t just have the latest iPhones and Samsungs, they will have a large variety of different devices, so it is really important to test on a wide spectrum.

Usability Testing

This is an important part of site testing; if your site is difficult to use then your customers simply won’t use it. If it isn’t clear how to navigate to a product page, then you may find people will go somewhere else to shop. Using the site as your customers would use it is a really important part of your site testing; you can see what is easy to use, what isn’t and where customers may get tripped up. From this, we can work together to improve user experience and increase your sales. All in all testing your site is one of the most valuable things you can do.

How we can help you

At iocea website development agency Lincolnshire, we have a team of specialist web developers and designers who are on hand to help make your websites flawless. We offer website development and web design in Lincoln, as well as eCommerce products such as our exit intent technology (Konvert) and our cShop cloud hosting services. Our work and design is centred around you and ensuring you provide your customers with a quality website to access.

For more information about our services, or for any advice, please contact iocea

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