The Benefits Of Working With A Microsoft Silver Partner

by Cameron Murison

We're Silver partners!

Working with a Microsoft Silver Partner offers you peace of mind when it comes to growing your business. This certification gives the green light to businesses that strive for quality and aim to please their clients. In a nutshell, having a Microsoft Silver Partnership means that a business is good at what they do. They’re professionals in their field and guarantee high-quality services and expert insight to help further their client's goals.  

Below, we’ve included some of the requirements that need to be met, as well as the benefits of working with someone who has met them. 

What is a Microsoft Silver partner?  

A Microsoft Silver Partner is a company who has reached certain criteria as set by Microsoft to achieve partner status. For example, a Silver Partner has to have at least two qualified Microsoft experts in their team, they also must pass certain tests that are set by Microsoft.  

Iocea is one such company which has had to meet strict requirements to ensure that quality service is delivered to our clients. By doing this we’ve become a Microsoft Silver Partner, something that only 5% of agencies achieve. This gives us the confidence and competency to provide you with solutions to help build your business. 

The benefits of working with a Microsoft Silver Partner 

Working alongside a Microsoft Silver partner has numerous benefits. We’ve picked three that we think are the most important. 

1. Quality Control

First and foremost, Microsoft has strict standards when it comes to awarding business silver or gold partnerships. For a company to achieve a silver partnership, there needs to be a minimum of three separate customers to confirm a high standard of service delivery. This means that we have a service record of working hard for our clients, to make sure we deliver the best quality service that suits your needs. 

2. Certified Professionals 

Secondly is our in-house Microsoft Certified Professionals. We're required to have at least two in-house certified professionals. One with a focus on business competencies, and another with technical competency. Both are required to undertake assessments to ensure the candidates have the right skillset and expertise. With this in mind, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality service when being catered for.   

3. Modern Technology 

Finally, being a Microsoft Silver Partner means that we have access to the most modern and secure Microsoft technology. This, combined with our knowledge of the best way to implement these solutions means that we can give you the latest innovations and know-how from Microsoft to support your business. As well as this, we also benefit from free resources that guarantee the protection of your data.  

Microsoft 365 with Iocea 

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, not only can Iocea offer you the guaranteed quality services as stated above, but we also offer a wide range of Microsoft products and packages that you can purchase directly through us. When buying Microsoft products through us, you’ll not only get highly efficient applications to help streamline your business, but you’ll also get world-class support from our team to help get you heading in the right direction.  

If you want to know more, you can contact us, or you can read about some more of the benefits of using Microsoft 365 here