Online Security: Iocea's Top Tips For Staying Secure Online

by The Iocea Team

With organisations such as the NHS and massive corporate giants facing cyber security hacks, threats and attacks, fraudulent activity has grown to be a bigger and more prevalent concern for the online world. 

YOU need to be one step ahead to ensure you can keep your business moving in a safe and secure manner and this starts with looking at your online security. 

Is there any thought more terrifying for an online business owner than having all your hard work altered without your permission or entirely wiped by a nefarious hacker? I didn’t think so…

Below, we have laid out 5 simple steps that can be taken to help increase your businesses online security.

Cyber Security Threat
Cyber Security

Our 5 top tips

  1. Regularly back up your files- If you set this up properly your data will backup automatically and can be easily recovered if need be. 
  2. Keep platforms and scripts up to date- One of the best things you can do to protect your website is to make sure any platforms or scripts you’ve installed are up-to-date. 
  3. Use HTTPS- As a consumer you may be aware to look for the green HTTPS icon whilst on a website that you are entering sensitive data into, such as bank details. If you have an online store, or if any part of your website will require visitors to hand over sensitive information, you must invest in an SSL certificate. The cost to you is minimal, but the extra level of encryption it offers to your customers goes a long way to making your website more secure and trustworthy.
  4. Install security plugins where possible- Once you’ve updated everything, further enhance your website security with plugins that actively prevent against hacking attempts. 
  5. Make sure your passwords are secure- To optimise security for your website, you should update your passwords regularly and include upper and lower-case characters, a number and a form of punctuation. Only give the password to trusted people and keep the number of people ‘in the know’ as low as possible; the password should also not be used for other accounts.

How we can help you

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