Online Courses: Improving Your Skill Set

by Lucy Robinson

Choose to make yourself better each day… Consistently improving our skill set allows us to become better leaders, innovators and colleagues. Importantly, it allows us to stay ahead of the competition. 

Here are 5 online courses that we recommend checking out!

Personal development

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a great free learning site, where you can take a range of courses. 

These courses are great for eCommerce businesses as they include topics such as: 

  • Understand the basics of code
  • Get your business online
  • Online business security
  • The basics of machine learning 
You can also take 'The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing' which is a 39 hour course with a certification at the end! This course has been taken by all of our staff at our Lincoln marketing agency.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offer a whole variety of free online courses! Some of these even offer a certification at the end. 

Again, this one offers essential courses for eCommerce businesses. There are courses for marketing, sales, service, web design, web development, data privacy and more. The courses are really well laid out and organised, with a perfect mix of text, video, quizzes and exams.

Google Ads Training

On Skillshop, there are a range of free courses to take, which is fantastic! 

If you work with an online business or digital marketing, then the Google Ads certifications really are an essential. These courses teach you the basics of each Google Ad campaign type, and how to measure them. Each course is roughly 3-7 hours and you receive a certification at the end, which you can put up on your wall or LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is available to premium members. LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of courses, with a certificate at the end of them. There are subject-related courses on offer but also courses for personal development, such as developing self awareness, transforming your personal brand and creating relationships. 

These types of courses allow us to grow into a better colleague and leader, which is never a bad thing!


Coursera is ideal for those of us with a little more time on our hands. Coursera offer both free and paid courses for all fields of business and eCommerce. The courses on the site are created by some top universities, which looks incredible on your CV or LinkedIn if you are looking for new job opportunities.

Iocea: How we help our clients grow and learn

We go above and beyond for customers of our full solutions eCommerce agency Lincolnshire.

Iocea have always been dedicated to helping our clients achieve success. Thats why we offer consistent support and advice to our customers, with any eCommerce or digital needs that they have!

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