New Google Search Ranking Factors 2021

by Lucy Robinson

Google have recently announced a new set of metrics that will be used to measure website speed and user website experience. In 2021, these metrics will be part of Google's algorithm for ranking websites in search results. 

In this blog article, experts from iocea SEO company Lincoln will talk you through these.

New Ranking Factors

These new metrics (Core Web Vitals) will focus on 3 specific aspects of your website and will measure these with different metrics, which are:

  • Loading speed which will be measured by LCP (Longest Contentful Paint) that tells Google how long it takes for your largest content element to load.
  • Interactivity which will be measured by FID (First Input Display) that sees how long it takes for a website to respond to a users interaction, such as a click.
  • Visual stability which will be measured by CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) which measures the percentage of screen share that is affected by movement.
So, to rank well, your website will need to take into account existing factors and now these new factors.

Existing Ranking Factors

Just to recap, the existing ranking factors for Google are as follows:

  • Mobile-friendliness i.e. how well your website works on a mobile device
  • HTTPS i.e. whether your site has a secure connection
  • Interstitial use i.e. whether your site uses illegitimate pop ups
  • Safe browsing i.e. whether your site is risky to visitors

Google Search Ranking

So, how can I prepare my new website for these changes?

Whilst the exact date has not been announced yet, Google always gives 6 months notice to any changes. So, don't panic! You still have plenty of time to prepare for the new changes ahead. 

In this section, we will talk through 5 top tips to ensure that your page ranks well!

  1. Produce great content: Your website should contain great content that is relevant to users searches and interesting. Having good website content is likely to keep users on your site for longer and decrease their bounce rate, which are both factors that are taken into account by Google when ranking search results. Experts from our content marketing agency Lincoln can help to write copy and create content.
  2. Optimise your website and meta data for keywords: This is a given but can often be overlooked! Make sure that your website content and meta data is optimised to include specific keywords that relate to your business. When a user makes a search query, Google will display the most relevant results and search for sites that contain those keywords. Remember that SEO is an ongoing process and that you should be constantly adding and updating keywords on your website.
  3. Use responsive web design and make your website usable on different devices: Design your website so that it works faultlessly on all devices. Most website traffic comes from mobiles, so it is vital to ensure that your website works well on mobile devices. If usability is bad, then customers are likely to exit your site, which not only increases bounce rate but also results in the loss of a potential customer. At iocea, we offer Lincoln website design, mobile first services and HTML responsive design.
  4. Make your website safe: Your website should be risk free for users. This means that it should be hosted on HTTPS and your visitors should be protected from viruses or dodgy pop ups!
  5. Increase site speed: Use smaller file sizes, compressing files, optimising your code, reducing redirects and improve server response time! Doing these things will increase your website speed which not only reduces bounce rate, but will help you to improve ranking position with Google's new update.

Google SEO Factors

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