Instagram Marketing Trends For Social Media Marketing

by Lucy Robinson

Is your business using social media as a platform to engage with your audience and promote your business? If so, it is important to stay up to date with current trends.

Here, our experts from iocea social media marketing Lincolnshire have compiled all the latest trends on Instagram!

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Instagram Shopping

Instagram checkout was introduced, allowing customers to purchase without even having to leave the app. This increases convenience for the customer, making them more likely to make an impulse purchase when they see something that interests them.

Brands can feature their products in various ways, such as including tags or 'swipe up' links on their stories, by tagging products in their posts, or even by featuring them in live streams! This is a great way of encouraging purchase and increasing consumer awareness of those products.

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Instagram Live

Instagram live is great for being able to talk to your followers. On here, you can see audience comments which allows you to interact with them, answer their questions and gain their opinions.

Live videos are great for demonstrating a product, such as a new eyeshadow palette makeup tutorial. They are also good to do question and answer sessions, as well as competition winner reveals.

Carousel Posts and Infographics

More brands are beginning to use the 'add up to 10 images' feature to add text graphics to their account. Infographics are also on the rise! These are graphics displaying information in a cool, simple way. 

Combining the carousel feature and infographics popularity, many brands are using these as a way to share stories or facts with their audience. For example, a business might post a scroll-through 'Our History' timeline! Or, us at iocea could post a guide of 'Top SEO tips'.

Instagram Challenges

Especially during lockdown, we saw a massive surge of challenges on Instagram! For example, #toddlerchallenge and #run5give5. By creating a challenge for users to get involved with, brands have the potential to generate mass exposure. 

For example, brthe makeup brand Benefit and could run the competition #BenefitsNewBrows, encouraging users to share images of their eyebrows after receiving treatment, for a chance to win a prize. Or, Coca Cola could run a #downinfive competition, encouraging users to share videos of them downing a bottle of coke.

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Branded Filters

Snapchat was quicker to bring this to the table, but Instagram have closely followed, allowing users to use a branded filter on their stories. 

Brands will pay to add an Instagram filter to the app, allowing users to create stories with their branding or logos on. This might include a university open day filter, A 'What pizza are you?' filter by Dominos or even an interactive quiz. 

These not only help engage an audience but it also promotes their business and builds consumer awareness. 

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Interactive, Engaging Stories

Instagram allows you to add gifs, moving stickers and interactive elements to your Instagram stories.

Moving stickers on your stories add a little bit more to a standard story and then can include a call to action such as 'Swipe Up' or 'See Our New Post' which encourage engagement. 

Interactive features such as polls or questions are also great for engagement and for gaining opinions from your customers! For example, Kaspas could ask their audience to vote for their favourite pancake topping?

There has also been a recent rise in external Instagram apps where you can create moving Instagram stories. Apps such as Impresso offer users pre-made templates to make quick and easy stories!

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