Influencer Marketing: What It Is It and Why Should I Use It?

by Lucy Robinson

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy where a brand align themselves with a popular influential figure in order to promote their products/services. 

Influencers advertise your products/services by posting content on their social media accounts. This might include them using your product in a YouTube video, posting a Snapchat story of the service that you have provided them, or an image of them on their Instagram wearing your products. 

This is not just done by using well-known celebrities, but also done by using popular social media accounts and influencers for niche interests. For example, a makeup brand may use a highly credible makeup artist with a large social media following to promote their new lipstick collection. 

Some smaller influencers may promote your brand for what is effectively free, this is known as 'Gifting'. You would send the influencer a product or offer your services free of charge, in return for them posting an agreed advertisement for your brand. Other influencers may charge a fee per post, or may work off a commission rate or collaboration, where they receive a % of the sales revenue generated from their advertisements.

In this article, experts from iocea digital marketing agency Lincoln will talk you through everything you need to know about influencer marketing.


Examples of businesses that have mastered influencer marketing

In The Style is a female clothing brand that have absolutely smashed it out of the park when it comes to influencer marketing. In fact, their entire business and marketing model revolves around the use of influencer marketing and collaborations. 

In 2019, BBC Three aired its docu-series 'Breaking Fashion' which took a look into In The Style, focusing on their influencer marketing strategies and how this led them to success. Its owner, Adam Frisby says that he wanted to set up a clothing brand that customers would see celebrities wearing on Instagram. The desire for Instagram users to want to look like these influencers ultimately led them to the site and encouraged them to make a purchase. 

By attaching the brand name to well-known, influential figures, this massively amplified brand awareness for In The Style, generating credibility, increased marketplace presence and consumer consideration.

In The Style frequently launches influencer collaborations, where the influencer receives an agreed commission rate on the sales of their collection. They receive this in return for promoting the brand across their social media platforms and for attaching their name to the collection, which adds value to the products.

In The Style have used influencers from hit TV shows such as Love Island, TOWIE, Geordie Shore and I'm A Celebrity. Not only have they used well-known reality/TV stars, but they have also used popular Instagram influencers such as Chessie King, who leads a young female body-confidence account. The brand do not just use influencers to promote their products, but they also align themselves with influencers who share their key values on important topics, such as body confidence and mental health awareness, which is good for their brand image.

In The Style Influencer Marketing

What are the advantages of using influencer marketing?

  • High credibility: People are more likely to be persuaded to buy your products when they see an influential figure using them, especially when its someone that they value and trust! By seeing the products being used or services being demonstrated, people may feel more confident to use your brand.
  • Increases brand awareness: Influencers with a big social media following will be sharing your brand with a large audience! Thats a huge amount of people that may potentially see your brand and be persuaded to visit you (online or in store) and purchase from you. Even if they do not immediately make a conversion, these are people who are now aware of your brand if they come to need the products/services that you offer in the future, meaning they may consider you.
  • Creates content: Influencers will usually create their own content for your brand, for example, a video tutorial of them using your products. This saves you time and money that would have been spent creating content yourselves. It may also be different and exciting in comparison to your usual content, as it is always great to gain some ideas from a third-person.
  • Reaches your target audience: By using influencers that are followed by your target audience, you are able to promote yourselves to the people that you want your advertising message to reach. Because of your audiences trust and admiration of this influencer, they are likely to add much more advertising value than a regular advertisement. For example, getting a well-known sporting personality or athlete to promote your brands new sportswear collection not only targets an audience who are likely to take part in sports and may be interested in your sportswear brand, but it also adds huge credibility to your offering.
  • Boosts your SEO: Domain authority has a significant influence on how your business ranks in search results. If there are credible back links to your website and website mentions, then this increases your domain authority score. So, by getting influencers to mention you and link your account across their social media and websites (if applicable), this potentially increases the position of your business in organic search results pages.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

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