How to Write Better Product Descriptions

What are they? 

Product descriptions are snippets of text used to describe a product or service you’re selling. This sounds easy enough but can be difficult depending on what you’re writing about, your knowledge of the subject, and resources available about the subject. For example, if you’re selling TVs this could be seen as something quite easy to write about. There’s lots of information out there about TVs, what makes them great, and what to look for when buying one. However, let’s say you’re writing a product description about the latest line of coat hangers. I think we could all agree that coat hangers aren’t the most exciting thing in the world to write about, and when it comes to something creative like writing product descriptions, it’s often the excitement of the topic that leads to inspiration, that leads to great writing.  

That’s where you must be different. If you want to excel when it comes to writing product descriptions, the topic shouldn’t matter. You should be able to create stories and compel your audience to buy your product or service with your words, no matter the topic.  

Keypad, Product Description

Why are they important? 

They are your sales pitch to your customer, and they also present an opportunity to inform and entertain. No one will buy from you if you’re product description just says, ‘buy now, it’s amazing, buy it here!’. That kind of writing is selfish, and only tries to get what you want. You obviously want them to buy from you but telling them that won’t make them do it. You have to give them a reason. Make it worth their while. If you simply write selfishly then don’t expect much in the way of sales.   

With the words you write, you can build an image or destroy one. See your product descriptions as a way to exude latent creative talent and personality. Use it as a way to inform and entertain your customers and build a brand image and a tone of voice. 

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What to include in yours  

Be creative. Think outside the box and don’t be boring. You’ve already heard the stats about dwindling attention spans, so think about what could hook in a potential customer. Is it your use of emotive language? Is it your ability to convince the customer your product is something that they need? These are things you need to take into consideration when writing your product descriptions. You also want to make sure you highlight the benefits early, and make your text scannable. People often want to quickly find out why they should buy from you, so if your descriptions are too wordy then chances are they’ll never even get read. Another thing to include is images. Great images go hand in hand with great product descriptions and together make a winning combination. 

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