How To Test Your Website

by Lucy Robinson

Test! Test! Test! We cannot stress how important it is to test your website.

In this quick-read article from iocea web design agency Lincoln, we will be explaining some of the main reasons that you need to test your website before running it live. So, if you've got a minute spare on your morning commute or in the queue for coffee, pick up your phone and give this a scroll through!

website testing

Reasons why you need to test your website

  1. To make sure it works, duh! This may seem incredibly obvious, but often simple errors can be easily missed! We recommend checking that all links work and that content loads properly, for example.
  2. To check the website quality- A low quality website can deter customers from choosing to engage with your business. It can also cause high bounce rate, which is the % of visitors clicking off your site.
  3. To view how it displays- With rises in technology, your website will be likely viewed on a wide variety of devices and screens. We need to check that it still works as good on mobile as it does on a laptop.
  4. To check that the site is secure- Cyber security is important for all eCommerce businesses. By ensuring that your site is secure, we can reduce the risk of hackers gaining access to your website or data.
  5. To find any content errors- Missing images, text or spelling mistakes can reflect your business badly. Afterall, if you clearly haven't spell-checked your own website, are you really reliable?
  6. To make sure that tracking is set up- Any analysts on here will know how important it is to track your websites audience and sales data. Test the tracking code prior to launching, to ensure accurate data.
  7. To check for seo errors- Your website's meta data can play an important role in increasing your search ranking position. So, check that all meta data, headings and images are optimised.

At iocea website design agency Lincoln, we specialise in producing incredible, high quality websites for our customers! We have expert website developers and designers that put the websites together, and a fantastic quality assurance team that make sure that your website is free from errors before it is launched. To find out more about our website servicesget in touch with us or visit iocea