How To Design A Product Page

by Stephen Billson

When creating an eCommerce website, many developers focus on the design of the homepage and specific landing pages. Whilst these pages are important for SEO and encouraging customers to browse your website, product pages are equally important. This is because a well-structured, easy-to-use product page can help to increase your businesses conversions. 

Ultimately, the quality of your product page could be the difference between a customer proceeding with a sale, or clicking away from the site. There are some key aspects to improving the overall user experience when a customer is on your product page, in this handy article from iocea eCommerce digital agency Lincoln, we will discuss these in more detail.

To demonstrate our points, we will use our client, premium fashion brand- De La Vali, as an example. 

Product Page Blog

Use high-quality product images

One of the best ways of selling your product is to create big clear images that shows the customer exactly what they are buying as nice clean images can encourage a customer to commit to purchase. Imagine you are looking for a dress (or suit) to wear to a wedding, when browsing, you want to know how the outfit looks from different angles, so that you can gage whether it is suitable. If clear images of different angles aren't provided by the website, then you will be less likely to risk purchasing the outfit, and may instead visit a competitors site to find something more satisfactory. 

By providing clear images, potential customers have a clear idea of what the product is like, and therefore customers are more comfortable proceeding to purchase. Not only this, but unnecessary returns are avoided as customers know what they are expecting and are less likely to be dissatisfied. 

As you can see below, De La Vali have provided both off-the-model and on-the-model images in a variety of angles. This makes it really clear to the customer about what they are purchasing and also provides an idea of what it might look like on them. 

Product Page Dress
Product Page Outfit
Product Page Pink Dress

Include a clear section for purchasing options

It is important to include a clear call-to-action button that encourages the user to add the product to their cart (or other wording). If this is unclear or if the purchasing system appears complicated, then a customer may be put off from purchasing and visit a competitor instead. A prominent call-to-action should encourage conversions on your site.

As well as including a call-to-action, it is a good idea to include a message regarding stock level. Featuring your stock level can prompt a customer to make an immediate purchase, rather than just browsing. For example, if you are searching for a pair of sunglasses that you like but aren't 100% sure about purchasing and you cannot see the stock level, you feel no urgency to purchase these yet and may browse competitors sites until you come to a final decision. However, if you see that there are only 3 left in stock, then you may feel pressured to buy these immediately so not to risk them becoming out of stock. This gives potential customers an extra push to make the conversion.

As you can see below, De La Vali include a large CTA that stands out in a black box. Not only is it easy for customers to identify and add products to their carts, a second option is also offered above. This is a feature for a purchasing partner site- Klarna- which allows customers to buy a product on credit and monthly instalments. By offering customers even more choice when it comes to purchasing options, different needs and preferences are tailored to, which further increases the sales potential for De La Vali. Note that De La Vali also feature the stock level, which is highlighted in red to appear even more urgent.

Call-to-action button

Suggest related products

A clever way to encourage further sales is to promote suitable related products, usually towards the bottom or along the side of the page. If someone is interested in your product, then they are likely to be interested in similar products too. For example, a crafts website may promote Glue refill sticks and Anti-burn mats on the page for Glue guns. This is also effective when a particular product is out of stock, as it shows customers alternatives for purchase, which prompts the potential customer to stay on their site rather than continue their search elsewhere. 

As you can see below, De La Vali have promoted similar dress styles in a swipe-through feature at the bottom of their page. This pushes their customers to spend more on their website. 

Related Products
Related Products Feature

Include a well-written description

Your product pages should include informative descriptions, telling customers exactly what they are purchasing. The description should include information such as the sizing of the product, usability and instructions. For example, a supermarket food product description may include cooking information and allergens. As well as being informative, descriptions should have character and reflect your brand personality. So, be quirky, funny (where appropriate) and use vocabulary which is consistent with your brand image. For example, De La Vali have used words such as 'Luxurious', 'Ultimate' and 'Vivacious' which reflects their premium brand characteristics. 

De La Vali have included an introduction to their product and spoken about its style traits, tying in with De La Vali's 'Ibiza fashion' theme. They have also listed the features of the product, such as spaghetti straps. To further strengthen this description, De La Vali could include washing instructions or a size guide. 

Product Description
Product Description Snippet

Helping you to achieve results

At iocea digital agency Lincoln, we are experienced in producing outstanding websites, content and design for our customers. We hope that this short guide will help your business to implement effective changes, and thus allow you to see increased sales performance. 

Remember, we provide a variety of services to help your business achieve eCommerce success, from website developmentdigital marketing and offering web design in Lincoln. Please get in contact for any advice, enquiries or information about of range of services.

For now, we wish you the best of luck!