How To Create a Great Product Page

by Morgan Raynor

It is important to stand out amongst your competitors and to attract customers. Your product pages are an important place to start...

Customers will associate the quality of your product pages with the quality of your business. So show yourselves in your best light!

Here are some of our tips for creating a great, unique product page that stands out...

Be creative!

It is easy for me to just type “Be Creative” without putting much thought into it, but a lot of people struggle with (or think they struggle with) getting into a unique and creative mindset. This is especially true when it comes to something that, at first glance, may seem as one dimensional as emailing. 

But I am here to tell you that it may be worth setting that bit of extra time aside to just brainstorm some different ways in which you could engage with your customers. I’m sure we have all been told that “no idea is a bad idea.” 

Reliant Robin aside, most ideas are worth writing down. 

Create unique content

With the  “average office worker [Receiving] 121 emails per day” we have become increasingly good and quickly filtering emails we are not interested. You may find your email in a person’s spam folder due to a dodgy subject line or a suspect looking email address. 

Creating Unique Content can be one of the ways to separate yourselves from your competitors. I have spent my first year in an office environment, in the marketing world. I am already confident in my ability to judge whether an image used is a royalty-free image or not. Even I am guilty of this. 

However, there is only one way you can guarantee your emails are different and that is creating the images yourself! Subscribers will appreciate the time you put in despite it seeming like an inefficient use of your time.



Ever wondered if the person you sent an instant message to really, truly grasped the meaning behind your carefully typed out message? Or are your struggling to convey your unmatched sarcasm and whit over messages? Use GIFs! 

GIFs have become a secondary way in which we communicate with our friends and there is no reason we should try and harness their abilities in our email marketing campaigns. 

Giphy have said that “users were spending more than 2 million hours viewing GIFs every day” indicating that GIFs are probably here to stay, for now.

Custom templates

Custom templates can provide you with good looking emails to ensure you are the envy of all your competitors. 

Due to them being custom, these templates exist to serve your business and your business alone. All the relevant information you, and your customer, need can be put into your emails. 

More interactive elements can be placed in your emails. Multiple buttons, GIFs and images can all be used at will. Not every email has to be completely unique either. Notice the subtitle for this is “Custom Template.” Even if you created 5 different templates to suit your business this could provide you with enough variation to separate yourself from your competition. 


- Segment your list

We are all aware that a part of selling to customers most often includes the creation of buying personas. Applying the same logic to emails there will be no one size fits all email. 

As well as different buying personas we can all also agree that different customers are in different positions in the Sales Cycle. These factors require different mailing lists as they subscribers require different information. 

HubSpot revealed that “more than one-third of respondents specifically referenced the word “relevance” when asked why they chose to subscribe to emails”.

Ensuring emails are relevant is also a sure-fire way to increase your CTR on email campaigns.

- Personalised subject line

We’ve all heard about placing the receivers name in the first line of the email to make emails unique. But have you ever considered putting their name in the subject line? One of the fastest ways for an email to end up in my spam or junk folder is a sales-y subject line. 

Placing your customer’s name in your email subject line instantly grabs their attention and increases the probability that they will open that email.

- Personalised tags

What is a personalised tag? Well, it is a piece of information that is changed dynamically depending on who receives the email. First Name, last name, email addresses and much more information can be used to give your campaign that personal look. However, be careful not to appear too creepy and display all the information you have on a person. This will create questions over security and safety.


Encourage subscribers to take action

The following is  a list of tips to optimise you Call-To-Action buttons: 

  • Make them short. Try to keep you text fewer than 6 words!
  • Be direct and give instruction. “Shop Now” and “Order Now” are good examples.
  • Be bright. Use contrasting colours to make your buttons stand out.

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