Facebook Marketing: Our Top Tips

by Lucy Robinson

Is your business on Facebook yet? If not, then you should be. It is a Facebook social media marketing is a crucial social media platform to reach new customers and engage with your audience. It also increases your brands awareness and visibility in the marketplace.

But, it is crucial that you get it right. Whether you're running social media Facebook ads (PPC) or posting organically, Iocea have some tips on how you can maximise your businesses performance on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Add assets to your profile

The look of your page will be the first thing that users notice when they visit you on Facebook, so that being said, make sure your page is fully complete to look professional, trustworthy and attractive.

This means including:

  • A profile image and cover 
  • A business description
  • Images and video content
  • Products or services to the Facebook 'Shop' 
  • Encouraging customers to leave reviews 
  • Adding posts 
  • Adding opening times and contact information

2. Be consistent

Your page needs to be consistent in 3 ways...

  1.  Consistent posting- You need to keep your audience engaged and interested. Make sure to post to your Facebook account at least 3 times a week, if not every day.
  2. Consistent tone- There should be consistency in the copy of your posts that reflects your brands personality, each of your posts should be different but still be consistent with your brand 'style'.
  3. Consistent layout- The same colour scheme and font should be used across your page.

3. Follow the 70 - 20 - 10 rule

In terms of what you should post on your page, a good guideline to follow is the 70 - 20 - 10 rule.

  • 70% of your content should be original.
  • 20% of your content should be reposted content or UGC that your audience will be interested in.
  • 10% of your content should be promotions.

4. Add a call-to-action to your PPC ads

Encourage the audience to take action! Increase your conversions by getting viewers to click a link to your website, to visit a product page or to sign up to a mailing list! Below are examples of some CTAs that you could use...

  • Buy now!
  • Find out more!
  • Sign up to our newsletter!
  • Get in touch!
  • View our products!

5. Make your ads attractive

Use engaging ad copy and images that attract the attention of your audience! 

Here are some things you should consider including in your ad:

  • Humour! Make your audience laugh at your content. They will be more likely to remember it.
  • Show personality and be quirky! This reflects the brand personality and helps customers to form a more 'personal' relationship with the brand.
  • Show emotion! Again, this shows humanistic traits of your brand, reflecting brand personality. Showing you care and being able to write content that customers can relate to is important. 
  • Use emojis! These boost social media engagement.
  • Tell a story! Rather than selling a bed, sell a good night's sleep. This approach is much more effective.
  • Use bright and clear images! You want these to capture audience attention and look clear to see. Bad images indicates a bad business.

6. Post video content

Video content on social media is highly impactful! You would be daft to miss out on the opportunity to use it.

Here are just a couple of reasons why you should post video content: 

- Social media posts with video get 48% more views (HubSpot) 

- 62% of people are more interested in buying a product after seeing a video of it on Facebook (Marketing Land)


7. Host a competition

A great way to get users sharing your content is to host a competition, in which to enter requires following your page and engaging with your content! 

For example, to win a hamper of your brands products or a gift voucher. 

This is such an effective way of gaining organic views and getting your audience more involved with your brand. 

Iocea: Our social media marketing and PPC Services

At iocea, we offer social media management Lincolnshire, including a range of digital marketing services and social media marketing (including Twitter eCommerce marketing, Snapchat social media marketing, Facebook social media marketing, Instagram and more). 

On here, we produce engaging content for your page and create scheduling calendars tailored to your brand and audience. We also run PPC paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Get in touch with our social media marketing agency Lincoln, to see how we can help your business!

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