Converting Leads: How To Drive Sales

by Morgan Raynor

The way people make purchase decisions is changing. The internet is being used in multiple ways and at different stages during the buyer’s journey. Forbes released figures a few years ago that gave us some insight into how people engage with content when it comes to purchasing online: 

  • 70% – 90% of research is done online.
  • Consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase.
  • Consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago.

These figures heavily indicate that to stand a chance of making some sales you must create engaging and comprehensive content in the hopes to influence potential customers. So what sort of comprehensive content should you be creating? Below are some tips from our experts at iocea digital marketing Lincoln, which will help your business increase its sales.


Images are probably one of the most important factors when people are purchasing online and yet they are often one of the most overlooked features of a product page. Your product images must also convey your brand and quality of your product. Some e-commerce sites have adopted extra feature on their product images like zoom or even rotate, Adidas Mi Adidas for example. 

Industry experts have theorised that better product images have increased conversions by just over 40% which further cements that maybe you should spend just a little more time in the photo studio when taking product images.



Attracting new customers has often been linked to finding incentives. We are all attracted to a great deal but a discount on a product is merely scratching the surface on why you might want to consider offering a discount code to customers. 

The lifetime value of that customer must also be considered. Say if you offered a 15% discount code to anyone that signed up for your email list or newsletter then you have gained a great channel of marketing to that customer for a small cut of your profit from the original purchase. It’s a win-win. You still make some money on the initial product, but you have gained a great marketing opportunity going forward.


Educate Users

Blogs have long been recommended to any e-commerce website that is looking to improve a wide range of analytics. They’ve been heavily linked to improving SEO and CTR but how do they improve your conversion rate? Well, Blogs allow you to become a leading voice in your chosen industry. A well-kept Blog can convey your business’s branding and voice which can influence purchasing decisions as users buy into your story. A personal favourite of mine is The Priory as you really get a sense of the passion and interest into what they are selling through the written content they produce.


As humans we are automatically programmed to follow clear instructions this also applies to purchase online. A clear CTA is vital if you want your users to navigate from one page to another. A study showed that 90% of websites who read your headline also read your CTA. This means that you should spend just as much time on your CTA than you would your headline. Tests have shown that the text on your CTA is vital as CTAs that read something like “Test It Out” perform better than “Get Started” as “Test It Out” implies a less time-consuming task than “Get Started” does. 

The best approach to CTAs is to keep changing and testing to see which perform better.

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