Black Friday: Everything You Need To Know

by Lucy Robinson

Black Friday is upon us once again! One of the biggest dates in the retail calendar, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for consumers to snatch up some bargains in the run up to Christmas. From giveaways to huge price cuts, retailers pull everything out of the bag to try and win over their customers and compete with the hundreds of rivals that are also taking part.

As with everything this year, Black Friday is likely to be a little different, with smaller brick and mortar stores missing out from reduced footfall and online businesses likely to benefit massively. But, don't make the mistake of thinking that you are safe just because you operate eCommerce... Make sure you take the relevant steps to create hype, make customers aware and draw them in as future customers.

So, although Black Friday might be different this year, but what can we expect?

Let's have a look over some of the statistics from previous years!

Previous Black Friday Statistics

Looking at previous year's data is a great way to make predictions for the future. We have compiled some interesting Black Friday statistics to provide an insight into how retailers have performed in previous years, demographic insights and consumer trends.

What percentage of people said that they intended to make a purchase on Black Friday?

The graph below shows data from last year, which found that 18-24 year olds are the age category who were most likely to spend on Black Friday. As age group gets older, the intention to spend on Black Friday decreases. Be sure to tailor your Black Friday campaigns to your audiences age group, by creating adverts and offers that would best suit them.

Black Friday customer demographics

What motivations do consumers have to purchase on Black Friday?

According to research taken by Statista in 2015, the biggest motivation for purchasing on Black Friday was price, followed by buying Christmas gifts in advance, then by a small percentage of people who were buying impulse and a smaller percentage of people who bought just because of the hype of the day.

black friday purchase motivations

What do customers buy most on Black Friday?

The following statistics show a breakdown of what consumers bought most on Black Friday. Clothing, Footwear and accessories are the most popular purchase choice, closely followed by personal gadgets, such as phones and laptops. The least popular product types were alcohol, food and white goods (such as fridges).

black friday most popular products

What might the statistics look like for Black Friday 2020?

Finder has put together some predicted statistics for Black Friday 2020. This includes an average spend of £295.67 for each person in the UK, an 18% increase in spend from 2019, which takes the total predicted UK Black Friday revenue to a staggering £5,988,444,533. 

black friday 2020 predictions

Get ready for Black Friday 2020

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