About Cshop: Our Secura Supported Website Hosting Platform

by Natalie Coupland

At iocea eCommerce agency Lincoln, we are pleased to be working with technology partner, Secura, who will support our CShop framework on their secure and highly available Virtual Private Cloud platform.

About Secura

Secura are specialists in cloud hosting solutions with a real understanding of just how critical our customers’ eCommerce websites and applications are to their businesses – making them a great-fit partner for our CShop framework. 

The Secura Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is built specifically to support the requirements of always online websites, with high availability as standard throughout the platform, data centres and network infrastructure. 

Their UK-based eCommerce hosting support team pro-actively monitor our platform and are available 24/7, 365 days a year to deal with our service requests, helping us ensure round-the-clock high performance for our customers’ services.

eCommerce Hosting

Secure and highly available hosting

Up-time is critical to the success of the CShop framework and a highly available solution was therefore vital for us when choosing the right cloud hosting solutions.

Secura’s Virtual Private Cloud offers high availability as standard throughout the platform with additional redundancy made available by the enterprise level VMware software on the cloud, providing automatic fail-over at virtual machine level and giving us the confidence that the CShop eCommerce hosting framework will always deliver the high levels of performance and availability that we demand for our customers. 

The CShop framework processes over 980,000 transactions a year, and the secure handling of confidential and sensitive payment and personal data is one of our top priorities.

Secure by design, the VPC delivers the CShop framework from one of the UK’s leading Tier 3+ data centre facilities, which boasts the very highest levels of physical security and access control. The data centres and Secura are both accredited with the internationally recognised ISO 27001 information security management standard.

Professional Hosting Services

This state-of-the-art Secura hosting infrastructure helps us deliver exceptional levels of service to our community, keeping your eCommerce operations running optimally and online, around the clock.

If you are interested in finding out more about our web hosting Lincoln services at iocea, or would like to discuss any requirements, please get in touch. 

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