3 Top Marketing Tips For Black Friday

by Lucy Robinson

Black Friday is just around the corner, and with so much competition, you'll have to get more creative than ever with your marketing! In this quick-read business blog article from our Lincoln digital marketing agency, we'll offer 3 simple but effective ideas to help you boost your performance for this year's Black Friday weekend. 

So, here goes - Take notes!

1. Make Yourself The Centre Of Attention

It's difficult to stand out on Black Friday, especially with almost the entire highstreet taking part. So, draw attention to yourselves and get people talking! A publicity stunt is the perfect way to do this.

When done correctly, a publicity stunt can help you to gain incredible exposure, establish yourselves in the market, and get people talking! Some are big and bold and remembered for a lifetime, and some are simply forgotten, but if you can nail it, then you'll go far. A great example is the Newark Southgate publicity stunt by LNER. Earlier this year, the whole nation was gripped with football fever, as we made our way to Euro finals (the first time in a major league final for 55 years). LNER responded to this perfectly, with an example of reactive marketing at its best. They temporarily re-named Newark Northgate train station, to Newark Southgate (after Gareth Southgate). This was not only exciting for us as it’s close to home, but it really took off on social media. Within minutes, many local and major newspapers caught wind of the stunt, and it was widely reported! England may have lost, but LNER definitely won with this one.

See the tweet and image source here

Newark Southgate

2. Leverage Loss Leaders

Firstly, if you don’t already know, then let us explain what a Loss Leader is!

A loss leader is a product you sell at a heavily discounted price. The idea is that this discounted product will draw in custom, to boost the sales of fully-priced items. For example, a restaurant chain might offer a £1 cocktail promotion, to encourage customers to come in with their friends and buy a full-priced meal. Or, a gaming company might have a sale on their consoles, to boost purchases of their games.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to promote a loss leading product, in order to get customer into your business/onto your website, seeing what else you have to offer and ultimately spending more money.

3. Involve Your Audience With Something Interactive

=Adult life can be pretty dull… Work, responsibilities, bills and staying professional (most of the time). So, we all enjoy a little excitement in our lives, a chance to escape reality for a moment and get involved with something that brings us joy. This could be a chance to win a prize, perhaps with an online spin-the-wheel or in-store lucky dip! Or, it could be a fun pop-up photo booth in your store, which allows customers to have a laugh and take some snaps with their friends, all whilst promoting your brand in the background. Maybe, you’re a restaurant chain giving away cocktails to 100 random customers who share a hashtag online? A promotion which involves the audience or offers them something exciting, is always a real winner!

Below is an example from The Snaffling Pig Co, which is a great demonstration of how you can easily involve your audience - even from afar!

Snaffling pig promotion

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