22 Social Post Ideas For 2022

by Charlotte Holland

Are you stuck on what to post on your social media platforms? Then look no further,  because Charlotte, our Digital Marketing Assistant, has produced 22 great post ideas for you to boost engagement and visibility on your social platforms! Steal these ideas, or use them as inspiration to brainstorm your own exciting initiatives. But, before you post anything, take time to get to know your audience! By doing this, you will better understand their wants, needs and most active times (which will help you to schedule effectively). Most social media platforms have tools that can help you figure these out, so be sure to use analytics.

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Post Idea 1: Run A Poll

A great idea to get followers engaged with your brand is to run a poll! These can be done on Instagram Stories, LinkedIn or by getting followers to respond to a post with a certain reaction or emoji. It is easy for your audience to get involves and it may interest them to see other people’s responses. For example, a pizza restaurant could run a poll for customers to vote on their favorite topping!

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Post Idea 2: "If Your Name Is On Here..."

Get social media users tagging their friends in posts by creating content that allows them to spot their names. This might be something as simple as Easy Jet posting a graphic accompanied by the text “If your name is on here, you deserve a holiday”. Two friends may then tag each other, which could prompt them to actually get chatting about booking a holiday. Chances are, Easy Jet might then be the first travel provider that comes to mind when they actually book. In the image, you can see one of these promotions that we ran for our local Lincoln client – Ole Ole Tapas Bar.

Post Idea 3: Share A Tip Or Tutorial

Do you know any tips to save people time,  or have you found a simple but efficient life hack?   Maybe it’s how to do the perfect French plait or it could be how to save space in your wardrobe. Why not show this to your followers by doing a quick step-by-step guide or a short video?   People love finding out about new things especially if it’s saving them time or money.  Tailor the tip to your audience or business, to ensure that it is relevant. For example, if you operate a bakery, you could share a short hack for icing cupcakes!


Step By Step Guide Showing How To Plait Hair

Post Idea 4: Join The Jubilee Celebrations

2022 marks the year that Her Majesty The Queen Celebrates a platinum jubilee. As the nation comes together this could be the perfect time for you to get involved with the celebrations, and engage your audience too, with a Jubilee themed post! For example, if you were a café, you could run a social media promotion for a traditional Jubilee inspired afternoon tea. Or, perhaps you could overlay a graphic of the Queen’s crest over a photo collage of your team.

Post Idea 5: Support A Charity

Are you partnered with a charity? Not only is it great for your business to support a good cause, but it’s also good for your brand image. So, promote any charity partnerships across your social channels and increase awareness of both the charity and the cause. Be emotional, be empathetic, share the story behind you choosing to work with this specific charity! Does it mean something personally to you or one of your colleagues? Will this be a long-term partnership, or will it change yearly?  This information will be of interest to your audience.    

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Post Idea 6: Tease New Products

Generate hype for a new product launch, by posting a sneak peak or exclusive invite to an opening event, early access link or pre-sale. This will not only inform your audience that there is something new coming, but it could lead to social interaction and word of mouth promotion for your brand. For example, a clothing retailer may post a silhouette of a famous influencer who they’re doing an upcoming collaboration with. They could then ask their audience to comment, guessing who the famous figure is! Friends may then share this content with each other and generate conversation among social circles.

Post Idea 7: Give A Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes

Could you spare a few minutes to provide behind the scene action? This could be a short video or images, to show your team at work or products being made. For example, a restaurant may put up a behind the scenes Instagram reel which shows a dish being prepped in the kitchen. These kind of posts are great for showcasing the effort that goes into making your business amazing, and it reflects your personality too. 

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Post Idea 8: Celebrate A Milestone

Are you celebrating an important milestone? Perhaps your account is close to reaching 10k followers, or you’re celebrating your 21st birthday (like we did, last year!). Share the news of your celebrations on your socials with a post, a video or a livestream. Engage your audience by asking them to share their recent achievements, or by running a promotion to coincide with the news of hitting your milestone. For example, you could do a big birthday giveaway! 

Post Idea 9: "Caption This"

A fantastically funny way to get your audience involved with your posts is to ask them to create a caption! Why not offer an incentive, like a gift voucher for the funniest caption? These kind of posts display personality of the brand and can help to build informal relationships with customers.

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Post Idea 10: Inspire Your Audience

Share an inspiring story, this doesn’t have to be one of yours, it could be someone you know or maybe you’ve stumbled across it on social media. People love reading inspiring content, whether it’s about a sponsored charity run, completion of a huge career goal or a motivating story of how you managed to turn a negative into a positive. Perhaps you could share a story weekly as a Motivation Monday feature on your social platforms?”.

Post Idea 11: Post Fun Facts

Sharing a fun fact can get everybody talking, and spark interest from your audience. For example, did you know that fish can cough? Nope, neither did we until we wrote this article! Your fact could be related to your business, or completely random. Either way, if it gets your audience talking, then it’s working.

Picture Of Fish With Text " Did You Know Fish Can Cough"

Post Idea 12: Customer Testimonials

Sharing customer reviews on your social platforms is a great way to build trust and credibility. It acts as a form of word of mouth advertising, helping to promote your brand, products and service. For example, statements such as “These were the best tasting brownies” and “Fantastic service and speedy delivery” could help to persuade a visitor to purchase. Reviews even if bad should be left on your site, as it shows honesty and integrity. In fact, a fantastic response to a customer complaint can actually be even more appealing to a potential customer, as it shows that you care.

Post Idea 13: Explicitly Promote Your Business

The main goal of social media marketing is to promote your brand, reach new customers and build awareness. Make sure that your audience know exactly who you are, what you do, and what benefits your business can provide them with. You could do this by posting promotional videos, links to your website, digital newsletters and so much more!

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Post Idea 14: Encourage Your Audience To Make A Pledge

It is important for businesses to consider corporate social responsibility, and getting involved with charity is a great way to reflect positive brand values. You can encourage your audience to get involved too, by asking them to make a pledge or to start a new challenge with you.   For example, a business owner may post that they are going to walk The Great Wall Of China, and ask their audience to respond in the comments with their own pledges. It can be as bold or simple as you would like it to be, as long as it gets people talking. 

Post Idea 15: Express Gratitude 

Thank your customers, your team and even your suppliers. You could even showcase another business on social, for an achievement that they’ve had. Showing support for another business is always good for your image, and by building a relationship with another business, they may recommend you in the future to their own customers. This reflects a positive brand image and personality, which will help your audience to feel connected to you. It will also help to build brand loyalty! 

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Post Idea 16:  Get Humorous With Gifs And Memes

Get them talking and interacting with your page by sharing entertaining GIFS and Memes that your audience can relate to. You could choose a few different types whether it being a specific topic or just one that you personally loved. Sometimes bringing your personality into your page helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level. 

Post Idea 17:  Take On The Role As Agony Aunt

Offer advice to your audience on relevant topics, which could be highly beneficial to them. This advice may include handy how-to guides or simply instruct your customers on how to use your returns portal. This could save you time having to respond to individual customer queries over messenger, as you can post for all to see.

For example, you could post a guide about how you manage the stress of running a business and getting the balance right. You can make this simple like telling them one of tips to schedule your diary or make a quick video showing details on time saving hacks. You could even tell us how you make sure you're going to leave the office on time. 

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Post Idea 18: Post A Poll Or Ask A Question 

Allow your audience to vote or express their opinions by posting a poll or question on your social media platforms, for them to answer. Polls are great for asking your audience to choose between various options, and are very easy for them to get involved with. Or, put a question out to your audience and encourage them to respond!  Ask your followers a question, that will make them think about a topic or a situation. Try to ask this question about or around your business or target a specific audience. Be ready for a few silly comments but it's all about engaging with your followers. Instagram stories makes it incredibly easy to engage your audience with these features. 

Post Idea 19: Show Your Audience Your Human 

Your human so show them this side of you and your team.  Show us your pet's majority of people love to see this. Do you have a a hobby? Or what football team do you support? You could tell us about any holidays you’ve recently been on or is it someone's birthday in the office, if so tell your audience.   How about showing us how you do team building sessions? What advice could you give to other companies or even your followers? 

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Post Idea 20: Show Off An Exciting Transformation 

If there’s one thing that we all have in common, it’s that we love a before and after post! Whether you’re showing off a gardening job completed by your team, displaying a PT client’s progress or posting images of a hair transformation from your salon, it’s sure to attract great engagement. Or, you could use this post type to display your personality or day to day activities, such as a before and after office clean up, with your team in the photo!    

Post Idea 21: Host A Competition

Competitions are one of the best ways to gain good engagement and brand awareness. Everyone loves a freebie so posting a competition is a great way of engaging. The more likes, tags and shares means more people will see your page, Which in turn will bring more people to be aware of your brand.  

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Post Idea 22: Share A Blast From The Past With An "On This Day"

It’s always interesting to share glimpses of your journey, with an “On This Day” post. For example, you could say “On this day 20 years ago, my business opened its doors” or “On this day 2 years ago, we partnered with Microsoft”. Posts like these help your audience to visualise a timeline of your businesses history, and can help them to feel more connected to your brand. Facebook and Instagram offer you the ability to do this anyway on your page or story archive, so a simple repost is all that is required!  

We hope you found these ideas useful, and that they’ve kickstarted a brainstorm! Managing your social media presence and content can be difficult when you’ve got other areas of your business to focus on, which is where our digital marketing team come in handy. At iocea, we can help you to reach various goals, including boosting your brand awareness, posting regular content, gaining a following and increasing conversion rate. Drop us a email today! 

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