21 Clients That Iocea Have Helped To Grow

by Andrew Billson

Over the course of Iocea's journey, we have had the pleasure to work with some amazing people, on amazing projects, achieving some amazing results. Whilst we continue to see and strive for growth every day, we are excited to highlight some of the great adventures we have been on, during the first chapter of our story. 

M&M Direct

Iocea and M&M Direct collaborated on a very exciting project, the task being to accelerate online growth through extensive development focusing on enhancing user experience. 

In the early 2000's, the development team worked closely with M&M Direct on a day-to-day basis to implement new features focusing on faceted search, user journeys, and using customer behaviour to continuously develop and grow the website.

The challenge of connecting users to the right product whilst adhering to the different brand guidelines was incorporated into every development change and business analysis that took place, with the end result being accelerated online growth helping M&M Direct to become the household name they are today. 

The Cshop platform became a fundamental part of the M&M Direct operation with their website continuing to use this platform for many more years after our partnership. 

M&M Direct

Hobby Craft

After meeting at a trade exhibition, Iocea started working closely with Hobby Craft on a day-to-day basis with the task being to take their current business operation, and start their online eCommerce journey. This project was the start of something special with Hobby Craft who now are commanding stores across the country and a fantastic online presence. 

Iocea's first task was to start designing and developing the eCommerce website which provided shoppers with a clear and efficient user experience as well as an advanced admin for the Hobby Craft team. In order to see accelerated online growth, Iocea worked extensively with Hobby Craft to concentrate on enhancing the page speed and adding new functionality designed to improve user experience based on customer data, such as faceted search and easy purchase workflows. 

The partnership boasted impressive year-on-year growth and has helped to shape the online success that Hobby Craft has achieved. 

Hobby Craft


In the late 2000's, Iocea and Chums started a partnership that is still blossoming today. The task was to help them grow their catalogue mailing business and gather a more prominent position in the world of eCommerce. 

After our first year of working closely, Chums and Iocea set out on a venture to convert the business operations from catalogue mailing to online orders. The demographic was +65 which presented a challenge on user experience that was heavily focussed on. After years of partnership with development on the Cshop platform tailored towards Chums, growth has been rapid and consistent with now impressive year-on-year growth being boasted. 

What once were annual targets, then turned into monthly targets which are consistently being met. Using customer behaviour and data to make website functionality and aesthetic updates as well as regular platform upgrades to keep things efficient, the Chums customers have a slick and quick checkout journey. 

Iocea and Chums continue to work together on a day to day basis with the partnership continuing to blossom. 



The Journey of Iocea and Coes started very small, Coes came to Iocea with a small informational-based website, with the key goal of expanding the brand across Ipswich and beyond.

After years of partnering with our professionals, the Coes brand expanded from a small informational website to a fully-fledged growing eCommerce business with monthly effort going into enhanced functionality for user experience as well as website health being regularly focussed on. 

In order to continue to see rapid and consistent growth, Coes extended their services with Iocea and took advantage of our own email marketing platform and digital marketing team. 

All of this combined, across a 15 year period led to enhanced revenue and impressive business growth with excellent service being provided during the online shopping experience. 


WCF Clothing

Over a 17 year period (and counting), Iocea and WCF has been working closely together to grow their retail clothing websites that are targeted towards an older demographic. 

The key was using customer behaviour to drive the changes on the website in terms of functionality and aesthetic updates, and the keen focus on analytical data led to a great understanding of customer personas, behaviours and reactions to changes. 

Cshop is a flexible custom platform where changes can be swiftly made and results of development can be easily analysed with the platform linking to tools such as Google analytics, PowerBI, and any third-party analysis tool such as UniFida. 

The most valuable part of building any long term business is establishing a platform where you can engage and communicate with your customers. Iocea Mailer underpins all of WCF's email marketing and allows easy management, custom list creations and automated sending workflows enabling simple management of data. 

WCF Clothing

Out of Eden

Over the last 15 years, Iocea and Out of Eden have continued to go from strength to strength when it comes to growing the online presence and sales. 

The first task was to help provide a flexible, fast-growing, custom platform for Out of Eden to take their catalogue mailing business and start their online venture. With over a decade of growth, hard work, and dedication, Out of Eden has developed a significant online presence with impressive year-on-year growth. 

In 2020, after a decade of a blossoming partnership with monthly developments taking place, our partnership began to take its next steps and Out of Eden took advantage of our in-house digital marketing team, allowing us to drive the end-to-end solution of online growth. 

The combination of intense support and development has led to impressive growth and a fantastic working partnership that continues to blossom. 

Out of Eden


Tredz are at the top of the table when it comes to professional mountain bikes and their desire to find a likewise eCommerce platform was meant after demonstrating the endless possibilities of Cshop.  Cshop was the perfect offering for allowing Tredz to have flexible control and regular meetings with our team to ensure the roadmap of custom development was in line with the growth plan to achieve success. 

The partnership continued to see promising growth year on year with the area of focus being on enhancing UX through functionality such as enhanced search, custom stock integration modules from suppliers and regular mobile conversion rate focus in order to hit and surpass growth targets. 

The constant teamwork, goal sharing, and time invested helped Tredz to really insert their market dominance.


Safetec Direct

Safetec Direct are a B2B business focusing on supplying excellent quality workwear solutions for competitive prices. Over the last 12 years (and counting) Iocea and Safetec have worked closely together on establishing foundations to see rapid and consistent growth. 

After seeing the reliability, flexibility and ease of management for the Cshop platform, there was no question that this was the platform to take them forward. 

A key aspect of growth has of course been User experience, which as you can imagine has changed quite a lot over a decade. The secret to success has been monitoring customers behaviour and making changes to the design and workflow in order to enhance the experience from arrival to checkout. 

Iocea and Safetec really do work together on the end to end solution, with Iocea Mailer being used to help bring further, valuable traffic to the website from existing customers, right through to custom integration with order management systems, supplier stock and third-party review companies.

Major growth milestones have been hit and we continue to see impressive growth together despite worldwide setbacks such as COVID-19, Brexit custom disruption, 2020 was not a great year for the world!

Safetec Direct

Anpario Direct

Anpario and IOCEA have only recently started their journey, back in 2018 we started the partnership by designing the aesthetics, structure and user workflow of the Anpario Direct UK website. 

Anpario specialises in health and performance supplements for a varied amount of species, such as Ruminant and Poultry. Due to the supplements quite often being unknown to customers, the key was to ensure the user journey was through finding solutions to the problems with their animals rather than the traditional way of finding products via search or categories. 

The business analysis on this project was a key area in finding the most effective and efficient route for customers to find the right products for them. 

Since seeing this project launch, we have also worked on a handful of other projects such as replicating the website workflow for an Australia-specific website, setting up hosting servers in Australia, integrating into sage X3, and supporting Anpario on our order management system Olive. 

It is great to see the end-to-end process working seamlessly on a new and blossoming partnership. 

Anpario Direct

Aubyn Davies

Iocea and Aubyn Davies have been working together over the last 10 years and what started out as a small, informational website has since transcribed into something much bigger. 

The first step for Aubyn Davies was making the jump from relying on footfall to the store to now welcoming customers on the world wide web. This started with the introduction of schoolwear being advertised and sold online which on the Cshop platform, saw rapid growth and quickly turned yearly targets into monthly targets. 

Following the great success of this, we then launched with the menswear range which introduced household brands being sold on the platform which generated a whole new traffic type and wave of interest. Similar to schoolwear, the menswear products was a great success and the user experience was quick, easy and secure for the shoppers on the Cshop platform. 

Aubyn Davies

Fuel Fighter

Fuel Fighter and Iocea officially started our journey on the Cshop platform in 2018. The task being to create a secure and fast environment for customers to easily find the cheapest fuel price for them. Fuel Fighter needed a reliable and scalable platform that could grow with them and not only support their marketing plan, but also enhance the ability to market. 

Integrated into the Cshop platform, Fuel Fighter extensively used Iocea Mailer taking advantage of the automated email marketing campaigns and with a little bit of bespoke development, these automated campaigns were sent out based on customers buying habits. 

We continue to work on bespoke developments on a monthly basis in order to surpass key KPIs and keep the brand growing with some serious momentum. To further the growth, Iocea also manages PPC campaigns and assist with full-scale digital marketing and content writing, allowing Iocea to be an extension of the Fuel Fighter team in another office. 

Fuel Fighter


In 2018 Korbond and Iocea started their journey on redesigning and developing a new website on a scalable and reliable platform that could be used to support their growth. 

By working with our in-house graphic design team and front-end development pods, we swiftly created Adobe interactive visuals which led to a smooth user experience and workflow being signed off prior to development onto the Cshop platform. 

The Cshop platform was crucial in implementing new functionality as the flexibility was key in allowing our development team to create custom requests that would enable Korbond to be ahead of their competition. 


Ole Ole Tapas Bar

Over the last few years, Iocea and Ole Ole have developed a fresh and exciting relationship that is focused on social media management, raising brand awareness, and increasing online bookings. 

Working with a brand that has such flair and quality only extended our excitement to surpass all targets and continue to grow the brand. 

We then saw the pandemic hit, which caused a change in the business approach for Ole Ole. This led to the launch of an amazing takeaway service. Iocea and Ole Ole worked together at the roots of this change in order to market this via social media as well as using our in-house graphic design team to put graphics and videos together for marketing. 

Ole Ole has seen some highly impressive growth on social media impressions, interactions, and online bookings which is continuing to expand each month.  

Ole Ole

Susmans Beef & Biltong

Over the last 12 years, Susmans Best Beef Biltong LTD has seen their local operation of supplying premium meats spread internationally with the backing of a reliable and fast-growing eCommerce platform. 

After developing a custom website on the Cshop platform, we then turned the attention to marketing their fantastic offering with the aim of increasing the average order of existing customers by the use of product awareness and promotional offers, as well as increasing the outreach and attracting new customers. 

This effort, with the aid of continuous development and enhancements of the Cshop platform, led to key KPIs being surpassed and impressive growth of the Susmans Beef & Biltong brand.  

Susmans Beef and Biltong

Primary Teaching Services

Primary Teaching Services (PTS) supply essential school supplies and personalised items for teachers across the nation, becoming an essential part of the education process. 

After meeting with PTS over 10 years ago, the attraction towards the Cshop platform was instant for not only the feature-rich offering and reliability but also the fact Cshop is 100% customisable . 

In order to surpass the competition and provide an intuitive user experience, Iocea and PTS worked closely together to build a custom personalisation module where customers can create their own stickers, badges, certificates, record books, and stampers which gives the customers an exact preview of what they are buying. Ensuring the quality of the brand is represented on the website in every aspect. 

Further to this, PTS also use Iocea Mailer extensively to control and manage their email marketing to their customers. By really taking advantage of a solution that offers the full spectrum, fully integrated, PTS has seen impressive business year-on-year growth. 

Primary Teaching Services

Callow Retail

Geographically, the Callow Retail team and Iocea couldn't be any closer (7 metres to be precise), however, over the years we have worked together to form an even closer partnership. 

Our first project was used as a trial to demonstrate the robustness and felixiblity of the Cshop platform including the ability to manage modules such as your google shopping through the admin. This was extremely successful giving the team at Callow a solution to manage the website and marketing features whilst providing an excellent and impactful user expereince. 

The success of this project led to further website builds to align the Callow Retail Empire all onto one scalable platform where growth and consistency is all but guaranteed. 

Garden Gift Shop

WCF Chandlers

Part of the WCF Group, WCF Chandlers has been supplying the nation with heating oil at quality prices for over 80 years. The key to this project was providing a clear and custom user workflow for different customer types, and making sure the quote and checkout process was simple. 

The website was just the tip of the Iceberg for this project, a full custom admin was provided to manage pricing for different regions, delivery options, tanker size, and liters ordered. This means that no matter the request, WCF Chandlers team members had full control over their pricing. As we all know, the price of oil doesn't stay the same for long. 

Further to this, there was also custom integration into the CODAS Solutions system which enables the process to be fully managed right through to the oil being delivered from the lorries. 

WCF Chandlers


Gurteen is a quality menswear brand that has been specializing in their craft since 1784. Over the last few years Iocea and Gurteen have begun developing a relationship helping them to market their business transition from B2B to B2C, an area of expertise within our digital marketing team. 

The aim was to market directly to customers and after performing specific market research on long and short tail keywords, tailoring content to be in line with the new customer type, and closely managing the google shopping feed which yielded fantastic results which not only eased the transition of the business outreach but excelled all expectation smashing key KPIs. 

Our digital marketing team specializes in supporting customers throughout each project, and throughout each month regardless of the aim, ensuring progress is consistent and that we adapt as circumstances change. 



Ecklee is the expert when it comes to providing quality Arabic food at highly competitive prices. The original goal was to provide a platform that could scale with their own growth, supporting them at each step whilst also having cost-effective options to integrate into third-party software such as order management systems. 

Across the 10 years (and counting) our partnership has seen impressive growth year on year with unique functionality being built to help Ecklee reach out to the local community, especially during the pandemic period. 

The team at Ecklee also specializes in cooking with the ingredients they sell, showing off some fantastic dishes on their YouTube channel. This passion and flavour inspired added functionality of a self-managed Recipe section which outlined and enabled customers to add the ingredients to the basket so they can give this a go themselves! 


Majestic Crystal

Iocea and Majestic Crystal started the journey of using the Cshop platform to turn their quality brochure into an online static website. This allowed for the Majestic team to show off the quality of their service with experienced engravers providing a professional finish.

With help from the Iocea digital marketing team, the content was being tailored towards attracting customers for events which all helped to drive relevant traffic. In 2019, an exciting project was commissioned to turn the informational website into a fully-fledged transactional website, using official Iocea Partners such as Opayo to manage the payments. 

Following on from this, in 2020 the pandemic hit and shook the world of hospitality and service, and this meant a switch in business approach was needed to not rely on events, but instead attract a new customer type. 

By working with the development and marketing department at Iocea, full analysis was performed on the customer data and the customer types that we can target. This then led to a website and more importantly data redesign and restructure as well as targeted marketing to ease the transition of the business outreach. 

Majestic Crystal

Jewel City

Jewel City has been partnering with Iocea for well over a decade for their eCommerce solution and by having the Cshop platform, there are no limits on growth allowing full support as their business grows. 

As Cshop has functionality that supports both B2B and B2C approaches, standard functionality such as a minimum order value and prices only showing once logged in, Jewel City were able to provide excellent customer service whilst not needing to adapt their business process around any restrictions. 

Jewel City operates across the continent offering fantastic service across Europe. Due to this, in order to support and best tailor content for all of their customers, 5 websites in different regions across Europe was developed on the Cshop platform, therefore, allowing content and marketing efforts to be tailored and localized, whilst the admin behind the scenes allowed for easy and connected stock and product management for all stores. 

This approach, combined with an intelligent admin, led to time-efficient management and the ability to offer a simple customer solution. 

Jewel City

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