21 Advantages Of Using An eCommerce Agency

by Lucy Robinson

An agency can be defined as a business or organization providing a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group.

There are many reasons why using an agency to outsource work may be preferable to completing work in-house, the most identifiable reasons being cost savings and benefiting from specialist knowledge. If you are considering using an agency for any reason, this article might just help persuade you! We will discuss a variety of advantages that come with using an agency, such as iocea, our agency that specialises in eCommerce and Digital Marketing.   

So, let's make a start… 

What are the advantages of using an eCommerce or Digital Marketing agency?

  1. Benefit from our expertise: Our agency has specialists in a variety of different fields, such as coding, website design, search engine optimisation and content creation. By using an agency, you are able to benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in desired areas. Agency staff use their expertise to achieve the goals that you set out, whilst also offering advice and recommendations. We also offer training which you can take forward with you.
  2. Cost savings: One of the most obvious advantages of using an agency is the cost savings. Rather than having to hire staff on salaries, cover the costs of equipment and other overheads, you just pay a simple monthly package price with us.
  3. Various services under one roof: Iocea offer various different services, including digital marketing, website development and design. Rather than having to outsource work to different agencies, you can outsource various projects to us alone, which reduces your communication chain and allows our agency team to collaborate with one another when completing work on your behalf. This efficiency helps us to deliver exceptional results!
  4. We are available for as long as you need us: Often, businesses may require additional support with marketing during seasonal periods or during a timeframe dedicated to achieving a particular objective. We are here to help you for a little or as long as you need us, so whether you require us all year round or just over the Christmas period, we’ll work with you and your budget. There is also no requirement to sign a fixed term contract with us, so we can create a one month or rolling monthly contract that suits you.
  5. You won’t need to fill a full-time role: If you need to work on a particular area of your business but there isn’t enough work to warrant taking on a new member of staff, then outsourcing is an ideal solution. With an agency, you can outsource a set number of hours or a particular set of tasks which can be completed monthly, weekly, or annually. For example, many of iocea’s clients have a package for SEO, PPC and social media, covering all main digital marketing areas at a set price rather than them having to hire a digital marketing executive.
  6. Higher return on investment: This is quite a simple point, but if you’re spending less by outsourcing your work and getting great results, then your return on investment will be much higher than if you completed the work in-house. Profitability is key!
  7. We have access to specialist software and tools: Iocea have access to a variety of technical tools and software which helps us to perform our jobs to the highest standard. For example, design applications, website crawling technology, coding software and much more. Combined, the cost of licenses for the programs that we use can amount to a pretty hefty bill. Rather than your business having to pay out for various subscriptions which you may not use regularly, we have everything covered for you!
  8. Save time: There are only so many hours in a day, so if your business or department are struggling with workload, we can take onboard any time-consuming or complicated tasks which helps to relieve pressure from yourselves. That way, you can focus on the important things, such as the management of your business.
  9. Receive additional perspective: Often, businesses can develop tunnel vision or a culture of comfortability. Whilst we aren’t here to push you into anything that doesn’t align with your vision and values, we are able to provide a new perspective on your business and offer unbiased recommendations which we think would be beneficial to you. We can offer ideas for new products, services or processes that could be of use to both you and your customers.
  10. Keep up to date with trends: Our experts stay up to date with all current trends and predicted trends in our specialist areas. For example, our SEO specialists keep on top of any expected changes such as algorithm updates, emergence of new search engines or new ways of searching, such as voice search. We are able to provide you with up-to-date knowledge which keeps you ahead of the competition and able to adapt to changing customer demands.
  11. Increase productivity: At iocea, you can be sure that you are receiving hours of work that are solely dedicated to you. These hours consist of hard work and you will never have time tracked to you which was spent doing anything other than providing a fantastic service.
  12. Save on human resource costs: All of the costs associated with hiring a member of staff can be abolished by using an agency. You won’t need to pay a salary, insurance, holiday pay, sick pay, training costs, hiring costs etc, you simply pass over the work to us! Overall, this can be very valuable for your business, especially if you are a smaller or growing business who cannot yet afford to hire a new member of staff.
  13. Reliability: Linking back to the advantage of saving money on human resources, there is also the added bonus of not having to worry about staff sickness, absence or shortages. You can rely on an agency to get work completed to your deadlines, without any unexpected delays occurring.
  14. Quantifiable results: We work to your goals, whether that be to increase brand awareness, improve conversion rate or boost online sales. The results of our work are easily quantifiable, thanks to analytics tracking. You are able to measure our progress by looking at data that we collect by using analytics tools and website tracking code.
  15. Reports: This may not be the same for every agency, but iocea eCommerce agency compose reports for all of our clients. In these monthly reports, we track performance for things such as website visitors, site speed, bounce rate, revenue, organic traffic, keyword visibility and conversions. We send these over to clients who are kept in the loop about the work that we have completed, the work we aim to complete and our progress so far. Simple!
  16. Broader skillsets: With an agency like ourselves, our staff specialise in a variety of areas, meaning we can help with multiple different requests, rather than having to pass tasks around. This means that we can complete projects quicker and our clients get results faster! It is also beneficial for clients as instead of hiring several different staff members for different specialist areas, they can get the same quality of work from just one of us.
  17. Compliment existing departments: Our eCommerce team at iocea love nothing more than working with clients to help them grow. We like to work as an extension on your team, making a collaborative effort to achieve your business goals. At the end of the day, we aren’t just here to complete a checklist, but we celebrate with you when you have successes and we support you when anything unexpected comes your way (a global pandemic, for example!).
  18. As much or as little control as you wish: Agency clients can choose to have as little or as much involvement as they want, whether that be giving specific orders or giving the agency free roam. For example, a client who knows little about SEO may want the agency to complete the work and use their expertise to make decisions on their behalf. Or, if a client knows exactly what they want but are using an agency to reduce their workload, they may ask for specific tasks and deadlines. Either way, our team at iocea are happy to work with clients in a way that works best for their business.
  19. High work standards: Because you are outsourcing work to a team of experts, you can be sure to receive top quality work and results! Our team are dedicated to offering a fantastic service and we do everything that we can to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them too.
  20. Fresh ideas: If your business seem to be stuck in a rut or struggling to grow, then you can rely on us to think outside of the box and bring some new ideas to the table. For example, many of our clients had to put a pause on normal operations due to the pandemic and some hospitality clients had to shut their doors. We worked with businesses to create solutions to new problems and to find a way to keep business growing, even in the most uncertain circumstances.
  21. Create new connections: Working with an agency like iocea means that not only do you get to work with our friendly team, but you get to know us well too. We are committed to building exceptional relationships with clients who become not just clients, but kind of like family too! Not only do you connect with us, but we also have many more connections that we can put you in contact with too.

Iocea eCommerce agency staff photo

What is a full-solutions eCommerce agency?

A full solutions agency are an agency that offer a variety of services all under one roof.

Iocea are a full solutions eCommerce agency, offering a variety of services that help businesses to grow and maximise online potential. We offer website development and design, which help new and existing businesses to improve their online performance by increasing brand awareness and driving sales. In addition to website design and development, we also offer print, logo, digital and graphic design services to help our clients with any resources they may need for branding, promotions or publications.

We offer Digital Marketing services to our website clients, as well as to clients who don’t have websites with us. For example, we offer SEO, PPC (Google Ads), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and more.  In addition to our services, we also offer products such as our exit-intent technology (Konvert), our order management system (Olive) and website hosting platform (Cshop).   To find out about iocea’s eCommerce services and agency, click here or get in touch with us today!