exit intent technology

Exit Intent technology monitors mouse movements of website visitors and detects when a visitor is likely to leave the website without making a purchase. For ecommerce sites gaining the right traffic is the first element of your marketing strategy. Bounce rate is one of the most important statistics when site data is analysed as the effort has been put in to get those visitors to your site, so you need to engage with them with the goal of improving your conversion rate.


Finding more ways to convert visitors to buyers helps you make the most of the money you spend on driving traffic to your site. IOCEA have therefore developed their in-house product Konvert.

Konvert is campaign generator software that focuses on exit intent and produces behavioural offers to the customer in order to try and capture their email addresses and to persuade them to purchase. Konvert tracks customer behaviour, logging actions on the site to allow you to gain valuable knowledge about your target audience. With this data you can personalise their experience, serving products you know will be of interest to them, as well as personalised offers. All with the aim of improving customer retention and increasing conversion rates and revenue.

What Konvert Can Do For You

The main purpose of Konvert is to act upon exit intent. So when your customer is intending to exit the site, Konvert will activate and try and prevent your customer from leaving causing the bounce rate to decrease. With the campaign builder you can decide what campaign should be shown upon exit. It could be a promotional savings offer, free postage or request to capture their email address for future marketing promotions. With trigger rules fully controllable in set up, Konvert could be activated only on certain pages or when the shopper has added items to their basket. The flexible ruling, designs and options Konvert provides give you an endless number of campaign ideas to suit your business.

With Konvert you can increase customer retention and brand loyalty along with an increase in sales, revenue and therefore profits. With a 14 day free trial we can show you Konvert can improve your web sales and statistics, with results showing in a matter of minutes. To sign up to your 14 day free trial, please register here, or contact us on 01522 706672.

Exit Intent Technology Avialable From IOCEA

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