personalisation, behavioural offers and targeting

With thousands of marketing messages being put in front of customers on a daily basis it is more crucial than ever to have an effective marketing strategy. As opposed to direct marketing in which a large portion of those people tend ignore the message, behavioural marketing takes online information and uses it to tailor the message to the user.

By targeting directly to the user your one-to-one marketing can increase conversion and improve customer retention. With the information the Cshop ecommerce platform stores from our site user or customer, we can create customer profiles allow you to target to individuals or segmented data.

Behavioural targeting can provide consumers everything they need before they realise. Online businesses can anticipate consumer browsing habits and offer suggestions that lead to your products.

Understanding the behaviour of your customers means you stay in tune with your customers to meet their requirements and increase productivity. All marketers should understand their customers in order to create an effective marketing strategy. The strategy not only helps retain current customers, but will encourage recommendations also. Our platform allows you to track not only existing customers, but new visitors too and turn them into leads. These valuable insights can transform your marketing strategy.

Whether it is sending personalized targeted emails, or providing onsite personalized offers and promotions, IOCEA can assist with your onsite marketing strategy and helping your understand the behaviour of your site visitors. To take advantage of this, contact us today on 01522 706672 or email

Personalisation, Behavioural Offers And Targeting Available From IOCEA

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