How to Increase Your Revenue With Local SEO


We have all heard about SEO and have a basic understanding of what is required. However Local SEO can be a different ballgame altogether. Local SEO is when you target consumers who are most likely to visit your store location. The main aim is to engage with people who are within the vicinity of your business who may be interested in buying your products or services.

With mobile devices being ever more popular, customers are constantly looking online for your products and services. The convenience factor of being able to shop “on the go” makes shopping so accessible.

Statistics state that 50% of users who search for a local business, visit within 24 hours. This provides a great opportunity to capture a huge amount of traffic for your local area and increase footfall to your business or store and it is vital that your website come up listed on the front page of results by implementing Local Search Optimisation.

Local SEO is built around the same foundations of usual SEO strategies, with well written and informative content, website structure and social media. However, when it comes to optimising your website for Local SEO, there are a few elements that need extra attention.
In our previous article “How to Improve Local SEO in 5 Simple Steps”, we spoke about how we can optimise your Google Business Listing through images, reviews and more. We will focus on how the efforts of Local SEO can help with your revenue and more importantly, how this can be measured.

Measuring Your Local SEO Marketing Efforts

Marketing efforts cannot be qualified unless there is a way to measure ROI. One question as a marketeers we are asked is “how can I measure the effort of my local SEO campaigns?” The local SEO campaign does not always need to measure increase visits to a store, but a very simple way to measure success is to implement call tracking on the site. By noticing more calls on the site we can suggest that the local seo campaign efforts are having a positive effect.

The Google My business dashboard also provides great statistics of how many times your listing has been;
• Viewed
• Searched
• Had your Map viewed

Google My Business Insights

The insights report provides further details data on the interaction on your Google Business Listing. With increased positive results we know the SEO efforts are increasing brand awareness and interaction from customers.

Google My Business Reporting

Your brand reputation will play a role in local SEO with Google adjusting your visibility partially on your reviews. It is important to address reviews, good or bad, as quickly as possible. This shows you are proactive and care about you customers.

Performance in Google My Buisness

Encouraging reviews on your Google Business Listing and website reviews not only increases brand loyalty, but in turn increase sales conversions. It is suggested that, 92% of consumers read reviews for local businesses and 40% of them form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews. By reading positive reviews, consumers are much more likely to visit your store, increasing your revenue.

Top Tips for Your Google Business Listing and Local SEO

  • Claim your listing
  • Use location keywords in your Google My Business title.
  • Choose the most relevant category for your business.
  • Add a long and unique description that includes links.
  • Ensure that your Name Address Phone is up to date and correct.
  • Double check your business hours
  • Include a valid website link
  • Include additional for parking locations to aid customers visiting
  • Add your business listing to other local directories i.e. social networks and Yelp.
  • Make your listing stand out with reviews and photos
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Think about voice search
  • Include a blog on your site and write local content

By following our top tips and recommendations your Local SEO strategy will increase your revenue, encourage more customers to your store. Measuring your goals is a must for any marketeer and if you wish to enhance your presence locally. Contact iocea today to see how we can develop a strategy tailored to your business requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to discuss any requirements, call us now on 0844 745 2000 or email to find out more.