How to Boost Your Conversions



How to Boost Your Conversions

Above are some tips that we feel you need to know in order to boost conversions your website.


1. Call-to-actions


It is important to experiment with different CTA’s to see which works best.
Depending on what you want your customers to do you should change your CTA’s appropriately.


2. Design and layout


There is a fine balance between too much and too little content on a page. Changes to images and colours may be the difference between a conversion and a bounce.


3. Track elements


Setting up multiple goals is vital on a website. A conversion is not only when someone buys an item, it can be a newsletter sign up or setting up an account.
You can then track all these conversions and quantify how much each is worth to your website.


4. Make it easy to buy


There should be no bottlenecks for people to convert on your website. The main thing to bare in mind is to try keep it as few clicks as possible.
To achieve this you have to be clear and concise to your customers.
Ask to fill as little fields as possible.
Do not give t0o many options.


5.Communicate value


When it comes to getting sales a common mistake is that enough information about the products they sell is given. Testimonials, case studies and videos can all be used.








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