Working From Home: Our Top 10 Tips

by Lucy Robinson

Is working from home the new normal?

Some companies have happily let staff work from home for a while, whilst others haven't been sold on the idea. However, its fair to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has tipped all aspects of 'normal' life upside down, forcing many companies to work away from the office.

According to statistics from, two-thirds of employees say that they are more productive when working from home, with 75% of workers saying that it keeps them away from distractions in the workplace. Not only is this positive for employers, but it is also positive for employees, who are found to be saving an average of £44.78 per week on commuting costs and lunch expenditure!

However, with all of these benefits to working at home, not every one is finding it as easy...

Are you struggling to concentrate and stay motivated whilst working remotely?

Worry no more, iocea are here to share our top 10 tips to staying motivated and getting the job done.

Working From Home

Our Top Ten Tips for WFH (working from home)

  1. Set a schedule: Some employees are still required to work set hours, but if your employer has left it up to you to decide, then you should consider following a schedule anyway. By maintaining consistent working hours, socialising hours and sleep hours, your body can get used to a regular pattern. This is good for your mental health but also great for batting fatigue. 
  2. Create a list: Accomplishing something makes us feel good. It gives us something to work for, something we feel motivated to do. This can be as simple as being able to cross something off a list, so write down the tasks that you need to get done daily/weekly/monthly. This will also help you to stay on top of your workload and track your progress.
  3. Limit distractions: Children, pets, partners... The things you love can become a nuisance when you are trying to work! Separate a set area for your working space and notify other people in the house to not interrupt you during your working hours. Set your personal phone to silent so that you arent distracted by notifications coming from social applications for example. If you pick up your phone just 5 times in a day for 5 minutes, that is 25 minutes of productive time that has been lost!
  4. Don't just stay at home, if possible: A few times a week, mix your environment up a little bit by working from somewhere different! This might be a coffee shop for a couple of hours a day, or a private office space once a week. This will give you a little bit of an escape from being stuck at home.
  5. Stay connected with customers and colleagues: Use technology such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to stay in contact with your peers and customers! It is easy to isolate yourself whilst working from home, so make sure that you keep team spirit and communication alive by staying in touch with one another. 
  6. Calm background music: Sitting in a quiet room can be a little dull, so play some music to help motivate you to work. Sound cancelling headphones can also be a great way to block out screaming children, building works or barking dogs!
  7. Take a break: It is easy to get carried away when working remotely and carry on working through what would usually be breaks. It is also easy to keep taking a couple of minutes here and there! Try to avoid doing this by setting out clear breaks to give yourself some rest. For example, 15 minutes in the morning, 30 at lunch and 15 in the afternoon. Do not overwork yourself!
  8. Prepare meals in advance: Your breaks are limited during work hours, so avoid wasting your breaks by prepping meals the night before or at the start of the week. Make your sandwiches and salads to go, just as you would have if you were in the office. This will save you so much time to put your feet up instead!
  9. If possible, use a separate work phone: You might find that you want to keep your phone on loud so not to miss any important calls or work notifications, but by doing so, you also receive unwanted social media notifications or distracting messages! Having a separate phone for work is good for preventing this. If not, you can save work/customer contacts to bypass the 'do not disturb' feature on an iPhone. Then when you switch to 'do not disturb' you will avoid unwanted notifications but still receive important calls and messages.
  10. Get some fresh air: It is so important for your physical and mental health to get a break and some exercise. Use your lunch or breaks so have a quick stroll, or set yourself time before/after work to get outside! You will feel much better for it and less stressed.

Remote Working

Iocea: Working in and out of the office to support our customers

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