Tips For Email Marketing Campaigns

by Lucy Robinson

Is email marketing a thing of the past?

Simple answer, no!

Email marketing campaigns are a key part of a fully-integrated communications strategy and can be incredibly effective if done right. If your current campaigns aren't converting, then you have come to the right place! 

In this article from iocea email marketing agency Lincoln, our digital marketing experts will explain some of our top tips, as well as introducing ioceamailer, our specialist email marketing platform.

Let's start with some key stats from 2020...

HubSpot recently published some very interesting email marketing statistics, showing how important email marketing still is! They found the following:

  • 3.9 billion people use email per day! That is roughly 50% of the world's population.
  • Of all email opens, 46% are opened via a mobile device. So, remember this when creating a campaign- make it easy to open and read in mobile format!
  • 73% of millenials prefer to receive business communications via email, rather than any other means of communication.
  • Marketers who use segmented email campaigns report as much as a 760% increase in their sales revenue. That is huge!
  • 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement in the past year, suggesting that email may be on the rise again.
  • Of those interviewed, 59% said that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

If anything, email is expected to grow going forward and according to Statista, there is expected to be 4.3 billion daily email users by 2023.

Email marketing campaign

Our Top Five Email Marketing Tips

To keep things simple, we have compiled a list of our top 5 marketing tips. If you follow these, you are likely to see huge improvements in the performance of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Nail it with the subject line: A good subject line will convince users to open the email! For example, when advertising your upcoming sale, why not use the line 'Open for a surprise' to entice the recipient to open, or use relevant humour.
  2. Consider consumer psychology: It is important to consider buyer behaviour when composing emails. This means thinking about colours, connotations, personalisation and buyer trends. Personalising the subject line or email content may be more persuasive, as the recipient feels as though they are being personally contacted by the brand. Act on current market trends by including relevant content that is likely to be of interest to the reader.
  3. Include a call-to-action: Call to actions are so important in marketing! Call-to-actions encourage your recipient to make a conversion, whether that be to visit your sale or to download your new brochure. Make it easier for the recipient by including a simple one step click or link. E.g. Buy now! The easier it is to make a conversion, the more likely they will be to convert.
  4. It is all about the visuals: Make your email look attractive. You want to ensure that your recipients open your emails and actually read them! Draw them in with eye catching designs and images! You could even include interactive features such as a quiz or moving visual elements such as videos or GIFs.
  5. Conduct A/B testing beforehand: Create multiple versions of your emails and send to a sample of recipients. See which version performs best before sending to your entire mailing list! This is likely to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, by understanding which content receives the most opens, engagement or conversions.

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Our Email Marketing Tool: ioceamailer

With our in-house mailing platform, you will receive full access to design and can send your emails with ease. Our experts will give you full training on how to use the system along with tips on best practices. You'll also have a dedicated email marketing specialist who can work as an extension of your team. You can choose either to use our simple-to-use drag and drop solution yourself or work in partnership with our marketing team who can write, design and send your campaigns and report on performance.

Key Features:

  • ioceamailer allows you to sync your marketing database with your existing customer database.
  • Allows you to design, create and send emails that are fully optimised for all devices. Either upload your own design, use the drag and drop designer or choose a design from the template gallery.
  • Expert support from one of our digital marketing specialists.
  • Detailed reporting and insights are generated in real-time.
  • Visual workflow builder – use drag and drop to easily design complex user journeys for your subscribers. 
  • Automated re-targeting allows you to follow up campaigns to recipients that didn’t open, opened but did not click, clicked any link or clicked a specific link.ioceamailer can be connected to a wide range of apps.
  • It is incredibly simple to use – zero coding experience is required. 

Get in touch with iocea email marketing Lincoln today, to see how we can help you with your email marketing campaigns!