Latest Facebook Updates and Changes

by Lucy Robinson

Are you constantly confused by updates to SMM digital marketing?

Social media is forever changing and evolving, innovating and stepping outside of the box. Whilst new social media features are designed to increase convenience for users, all of these new changes can often become confusing for advertisers and businesses to keep track of!

By understanding new features and knowing how to use them effectively, you can make the most of Social Media for your business and take advantage of new marketing tactics before your competitors begin to follow in your footsteps.

Over the past couple of months, Facebook has seen some BIG changes, and yet nobody seems to be talking about them yet! At iocea social media marketing agency Lincoln, we have a team of experienced social media specialists who are on hand to explain all of these new changes, how they work and what implications they have for you.

So, let's get started!

Facebook Shop

Facebook shop is a new designated space in the Facebook app, where users can discover new businesses and shop for products. 

In their Facebook shop, businesses can feature a catalog of products (just like on Instagram) and customise the appearance of their online shop with a cover image and showcase colours to match their branding. 

Facebook users can browse your full collection of products, save products and complete a transaction, all without having to leave the app! If you need help with your purchase, you can interact with the business in a messenger feature.

Currently, Facebook shops is only available in the US but this is being more widely rolled out in the coming months. So get prepared!

New Call To Action Settings

Along with Facebook Shop, Facebook is bringing out a whole new range of call-to-action buttons for businesses.

A call-to-action is a great way to encourage visitors on your page to complete a conversion, for example, to 'Shop Now' or 'Learn More'. 

Below is a list of some of the new call-to-actions that you can expect to see soon:

  • Buy Gift Card
  • Order Food
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send WhatsApp Message

Call to actions

Facebook Reality Labs

They aren't here yet, but Facebook Reality Labs have announced that they are working hard to develop new VR (Virtual Reality) features for Facebook, aiming to bring the world closer together. Facebook Reality Labs are developing features that allow you to feel that you are sharing the same space as someone, regardless of physical distance. 

So, Virtual Reality conferences and video calls might not be too far away! Familiarise your business with Virtual Reality and how you can incorporate this into your operations and marketing. This will enable you to get a step ahead of the competition in time for when these features inevitably become part of our everyday lives. 

Facebook Horizon

On the topic of Virtual Reality, Facebook recently debuted the first look at Facebook Horizon, which is a new VR social experience where you can explore, play and create with others. 

Facebook Horizon offers a game-like experience where you can share a space with up to 8 people. Horizon allows you to meet new friends or engage with existing contacts by joining a 'Party' to chat together.

To start with, the invite-only beta will be available in the US and Canada, but may roll out further over the next year. With this launch, comes new advertising opportunities, so watch this space!

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch have introduced a dedicated section within Watch for live videos.

Live videos are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to engage with their customers online! These are great for conducting Q&A sessions to answer customer enquiries, demonstrating products, gaining customer insights or doing a product giveaway.

If your business aren't already doing livestream videos, we recommend these as a great way to grow your profile and audience on Facebook.

Sprout Social put together some great advice on how to effectively livestream, this might be worth a read!

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

The rise in Black Lives Matter movements have highlighted the need for everyone and every organisation to actively fight racism.

In August, Facebook announced a series of grants for black-owned businesses in the US. Whilst the grants do not apply to the UK, Facebook are rolling out the option for businesses to identify themselves as a minority-owned page on Facebook. This allows these businesses to gain extra support from people using the Businesses Nearby tool. So, if you run a minority-owned business, this is definitely something worth checking out!

Find out more about how Facebook is supporting minority owned businesses, here.

Watch Live
Black Business Owner

Iocea: Supporting Business Innovation

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