5 Useful eCommerce Courses That You Can Complete In 21 Hours

by Lucy Robinson

Personal development is an important part of entrepreneurship and becoming better in business. At iocea, our incredible team are encouraged to take a range of courses, to ensure that we continually grow and learn new things.

In this article, we thought we would share five of our top picks, which can be completed in less than 21 hours! So, even if you only have a couple of hours spare a week, you could learn a lot. We have specifically chosen courses which will help with eCommerce and online development, including social media marketing, HTML, Google Ads, Google My Business and how to grow a business online.

social media marketing course

HubSpot Social Media Marketing Certification

Length: 4 Hours

Certificate: Yes

Description: This online marketing course covers all areas of social media marketing! The modules include: 

  • Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Listening and Monitoring
  • Building a Content Strategy for Social Media
  • Extending Your Reach on Social Media
  • Using Social Media to Build One-to-One Relationships
  • Introduction to Social Media Advertising
  • Measuring Your Social Return on Investment
  • Essentials for Continued Success with Social Media
What’s great about this course is that there is a mixture of text, videos, quizzes and a final exam, so learning is really mixed up and keeps you engaged.  

Google skillshop course

Google Digital Garage: Get A Business Online 

Length: 3 Hours

Certificate: No

Description: Things are growing digitally and with so many people using the internet, your business will miss out if it doesn’t have an online presence. This module covers all the basics of setting up your business eCommerce, including how to create an online strategy, how to set up a website and how to grow your presence and local exposure. Again with this course, there is text, videos and quizzes to keep things fun!   

Skillshop Google My Business Course

Google Skillshop: Optimize your Business Profile on Google 

Length: 10 Minutes

Certificate: No

Description: This is such a quick and easy course to take, but is very beneficial for business owners. In this course, you learn all the basics of Google My Business, including how to make updates to your business profile, how to use photos and reviews to enhance your profile and the ways you can use Insights to track customer interaction.

Google search ads course

Google Skillshop: Google Ads Search Certification 

Length: 4 Hours

Certificate: Yes

Description: Even if your business isn’t using Google Ads or planning to do so, its beneficial to understand how these ads work. If Google Ads are something of interest, then this teaches everything you need to know to get started! This course is very interactive, which helps keep you engaged.

Modules in this certification include:

  • Grow your business with Google Ads
  • Explore the value of Google Search
  • Understand the Google Ads auction
  • Deliver the right message with text ads
  • Make ads relevant with search ad extensions
  • Increase efficiency with automated bidding
  • Reach valued customers with search audiences
  • Boost performance with optimisation score
  • Increase conversions with Performance Plan

Learn HTML course

Code Academy: Learn HTML 

Length: 9 Hours

Certificate: Yes

Description: This is a very well structured course, created by Code Academy, who are very reputable.  HTML is the foundation of all web pages and if you’re interested in website development, then this is a great starting point. In this course, you will learn about the common HTML tags used to structure HTML pages and you will also be able to create HTML tables to present tabular data efficiently. 

Learn With Iocea

At iocea, we are here to support all of our clients in any way that they may need. From learning more about social media marketing, to understanding how pay per click ads and coding work, we are happy to take the time to lend a hand. We offer digital workshops, screen share tutorials and more! 

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