site search optimisation

With many users being trained into search for items, sites, products and services through search engines such as Google, it is vital that your on-site search provides the best experience. Site search does not only assist with searching for the correct product but purchase too. With a search function that delivers, we can increase your online revenue.

With increased user experience by providing accurate results on what your customer wishes to see, the customers will stay longer on your site and engage with your brand. With predictive search we can serve products, categories or articles from your site to aid one-click navigation to a desired result.

To prevent a “dead end” if no results are returned we can implement a “did you mean” or “related searches” to encourage continue browsing. With our search functionality we store all searches performed on the site to gather search data that enables analysis of consumer behaviour. This insight into your customers or potential customers can provide evidence for making any important changes or developments on your site that will in favour of your customers.

If you are looking for more from your on-site search, email us at or call on 01522 706672 to discuss how we can help you.

Site Search Optimisation Available From IOCEA

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