our quality process

We follow an agile process, which involves testing early and often, using methods of manual tests and automated tests.

The quality process begins right at the start of the project, with the writing of tests before coding has begun. This means we can fully understand the customer’s requirements before any development has taken place, ensuring the delivered solution meets the specification.

A benefit of having tests in place before coding starts is that the developers can run the tests too. This cuts out the to-ing and fro-ing between tester and developer, saving time at each stage of development thus making every project more efficient.

Once manual tests and automated tests have been run for each requirement, exploratory testing begins. This will catch any knock on effects and bugs that may have been missed. Our manual test also means that we can study the whole user experience and suggest to the customer any improvements we may come across.

What the quality process means for you

The writing and running of detailed tests throughout development means less problems, less bugs, smoother go-lives and most importantly, happy customers who can use and buy from your site with ease.

If you wish to discuss more about our services, email us at marketing@iocea.com or call on 01522 706672 to discuss how we can help you.

Our Quality Process At IOCEA

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