Why every business should be using Adwords


Why you should be using Adwords
Every business owner wants their website to be at the top of page 1 on Google, right? You may be thinking the answer to that is obvious but how do you go about actually achieving that top spot?

The answer is Google ‘AdWords’. This is Google’s own advertising service which allows you to bid for key words relating to your business’ advert. Every time an advert is clicked onto via Google the business is charged ‘per click’. If you have the highest bid, your website will be shown at the top of the search results page; it’s as simple as that. You can set a default amount called ‘cost per click’ which is the maximum amount you are willing to pay. It allows you to be incredibly specific to ensure you only attract and interact with appropriate customers and most important of all, increase your conversion rate.

Creating Campaigns
In ‘AdWords’ you can create a ‘campaign’ and within this you can have ‘ad groups’. An example of this would be to have a campaign named ‘Women’s Sunglasses’ and to then branch off it with ‘ad group’s such as ‘Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses’, ‘Ray Ban Aviator Glasses’, ‘Dior Glasses’ etc. Then within the ‘ad groups’ you can bid on specific words or phrases and can manipulate these to bid specifically without error or bid broadly and appear when related words are searched. Although this may be useful in some cases, it could also mean your website appears on un-related searches, potentially lowering your conversion rate.

Google Quality Score
Google also gives you a ‘quality score’ and this is your ‘status’ within Google and is a really helpful tool to give you an insight into how useful your advert actually is to searchers. It monitors your click-through rate and the relevance of your landing page. If you are specific with your advert and it relates to ‘women’s red tops’ however you direct the searcher to a landing page featuring a range of tops, your quality score would be lower than if you directed them to a landing page refined to show all the ‘women’s red tops’ available. In some instances, even if your bid is lower than a rival marketer’s, a high quality score could gain you a higher place on the page compared to them.



Evaluating your Adwords Campaign

I’ve recently been following a campaign on ‘AdWords’ and this allows me to monitor the success rate. Google will provide me with a quality score and highlight when a bid is ‘below first page bid’, ‘limited by budget’ or has a low search volume which could indicate the business needs to re-evaluate their maximum ‘cost per-click’, and either be more reserved when it comes to a ‘low search volume’ or upping their bid to gain that all important first page spot. On reflection ‘AdWords’ should be a vital part of any business’ marketing efforts.  It can be the ‘be all or end all’ of a business; after all, how would you gain and retain custom without marketing?



This is a short snippet into the world of Adwords and the iocea team are eager to discuss any Adwords needs with you further!


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