Why Testing Your Website is Crucial

We all want a website that performs to the best of its ability. You can have skilled developers and an eye catching design, but if the site is not thoroughly tested, your customers could encounter problems that could have easily been fixed before being seen. Browser Specific Testing Sites can often break when using different Read More

The Importance of Keyword Research & Targeting

“SEO is a marathon, not a sprint” This is a quote that the more time I spend doing SEO, the more I realise its truthfulness. Many people nowadays expect instant results, having an instant impact, but you simply can’t expect to get everything immediately, and that’s especially true within SEO. Taking your time and making Read More

How To Create Great Informative Landing Pages

What Is A Landing Page? A landing page is the page your visitor lands on when searching for a keyword in a search engine, clicking on an ad either from Google, social media or an email campaign or directed to from your site from a banner or as the result of a search. It is Read More

The Power of Words; Offline and Online Marketing

Words are found in many different areas of media including; letters, articles, books, poems, speeches, lyrics and quotes. They are used to motivate an audience, influence how the audience thinks, creates imagery in a persons imagination, create expectations, visual desire and impressions. The English language is thought to be one of the most complicated. This Read More

Driving Traffic And Sales Via An Email Campaign

During the course of this article we will be showing you the importance of sending out regular and relevant email campaigns to boost the traffic and hopefully conversion rates to your site. The use of email campaigns is a great and unique way to advertise your business and get your message out. Constructing Your Email Read More

Advantages of Great Product Page Design

When creating an eCommerce website, many developers focus on the design of the homepage and specific landing pages. These pages are very important in drawing customers in to your store, however a well-structured, easy-to-use product page can help to increase your store’s conversions. Products pages on any eCommerce store are very important; they could mean Read More