Social Media Marketing | Instagram Ads

Hello…we’re back again with another addition to our social media series.  Everyone’s heard of Instagram, right? The photo sharing app that bloggers and influencers thrive on…one of the best marketing tools available to you for free…IF used correctly.  It launched in 2010 and was an unreliable platform, with a server that was constantly crashing.  However, Read More

21 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ideas for Your Business

Two of the biggest shopping days are on their way… Black Friday and Cyber Monday – these have pretty much merged into a weekend full of offers though, with retailers trying to make as many sales as possible.  More than 55% of consumers plan to shop in stores and online during this weekend, meaning you Read More

Iocea Insights | eCommerce Intelligence Directed to You | Issue no.5

Welcome to Issue 5 of iocea insights; back again with your bitesize round up of eCommerce news. Recap… “I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” Elon Musk Autumn is here and it’s quite a transitional time Read More

Social Media Marketing | Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising If your marketing is behind or struggling and you haven’t considered social media marketing – particularly Facebook advertising, you may need to refresh your marketing tactics as you are missing out on ALOT.  Facebook advertising is something you need to jump on board with and use to your advantage. It allows you to Read More

Preparing for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017

Are you preparing for the holidays? If you’re anything like us you’ll be clinging onto every last sign of summer possible.  But reality is you need to say goodbye and start preparing your business for the online extravaganza of Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is a part of the big lead up to Christmas. Read More

Online Security – GDPR Enforcement; What you Need to Know | Issue no. 2

What is GDPR? The acronym GDPR stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ and is the most important change that has happened in 20 years to data privacy. It has been in progress for four years now and has finally been approved by the EU Parliament as of 14th April 2016.  It is to replace the Read More

Iocea Insights | eCommerce Intelligence Directed to You | Issue no.4

Welcome to Issue 4 of iocea insights, your bitesize round up of eCommerce news. Are you Ready for GDPR?  Ready or not it IS Coming! “Delay is the deadliest form of denial” C. Northcote Parkinson Hello again. Do you remember 1999?  Not the Prince song, but the actual year.  Everyone was in baggy cargo pants Read More

Online Security – Iocea’s Top Tips for Staying Secure Online | Issue no. 1

With the recent hacking of the NHS and parliament, fraudulent activity has grown to be a bigger and more prevalent concern for the online world.  YOU need to be one step ahead to ensure you can keep your business moving in a safe and secure manner and this starts with looking at your online security. Read More

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive Website Design? Responsive Website Design refers to how your website adapts to the screen depending on how the user is viewing your site. Regardless of whether the viewer is using a phone, tablet or laptop, your website readability and functionality should remain the same with automatic reformatting. Why have a Responsive Website? Read More

Introducing R.A.C.E – the Easy to Follow Marketing Acronym

What is R.A.C.E? RACE is an acronym for ‘reach’, ‘act’, ‘convert’ and ‘engage’. It is a simple and easy to follow marketing strategy that simplifies the processes to go through in order to market your business successfully. Reach involves building awareness of a brand, so essentially the process of ‘getting your name out there’. Search Read More