Google AdWords and Google Ads, What is the difference ?


If you are a frequent user of Google AdWords you may have noticed a few branding tweaks over the past few weeks. Google AdWords has been replaced with Google Ads complete with a fresh new logo.

Many are pointing out that this is a very clear signal that Google is pushing towards a future where keywords are no longer going to be the focus of online advertising. The removal of the word “word” from “AdWords” is obviously the big indicator here.

In the following article we are going to look at:

  • What are the changes?
  • Why were the changes necessary?
  • What does this mean for advertisers?

What are the changes?


Google AdWords has become Google Ads…

There are no real game-changing features or updates but a name change to ensure the tool stays relevant to the service it offers. Google AdWords was created in 2000 and was purely focused on search listings and keywords. Fast forward to today, AdWords housed other advertising services for Google shopping and YouTube. Now we can see that it would make sense to drop the “word” from AdWords as the service evolves and grows into other forms of advertising.

Double Click and Analytics 360 is now Google Marketing platform…

This change is mainly for the big brands that want to collect and share their insights across their multiple advertising channels. Google gave the example of Adidas US sharing customer insights across their many digital marketing teams. So, if you are not a mega-rich company these changes may not be that relevant to you…..

Yet 😉

The evolution of DoubleClick and publisher into Google Ad Manager…

With the evolution of DoubleClick into Google Ad Manager… they promise to earn Google partners more money. Google Ad Manager is a welcome addition to websites that rely on driving traffic and user engagement to create revenue. This is for a website that may not necessarily sell products but sell advertising places on the website. An example of this may be game websites, news websites or blogs.

Why were the changes necessary?


As previously mentioned AdWords was first created in a world where internet browsing was a very different experience. You would wake up, go to work, return from work, cook dinner, then boot up the computer and surf the web.

However, now people are searching the internet at every given moment on their phones and mobile devices. At breakfast for news, at work for research and for entertainment. There are advertising opportunities in all these instances.

Google AdWords to the untrained listener still sounds like it only services search advertising, whereas Google Ads sounds more inclusive.

What does Google Ads mean for advertisers?


Well, there may be a few campaign tweaks if you currently have campaigns including the word “AdWords”. This is especially relevant for ad agencies. Web page adjustments may also to be made to optimise for the rebranding.

But overall these changes are built to make advertising easier to understand for a newcomer so there are no major overhauls yet.

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